Sky News Team Attacked And Wounded By Alleged Russian “Hit Squad” – Video

The war in Ukraine was brought home in graphic style earlier this week to a Sky News Team covering the conflict.

A Sky News journalist was shot and wounded when their crew were attacked by what they termed “a hit squad” of Russian agents working in Ukraine to allegedly foment terror.

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Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay was reported to be shot in the lower back as bullets were fired at the car carrying him and his crew towards Kyiv on Monday. Camera operator Richie Mockler was also hit with two rounds to his body armor.

The crew managed to reach a safe spot and eventually were rescued by Ukrainian police.

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The remaining crew members were safe and unharmed in the incident. They include Dominque van Heerden and Martin Vowles and local producer Andrii Lytvynenko are safe.

Sky News blamed what it called a “saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad.” The crew were heading back to Kyiv from a suburb after being turned back at a Ukrainian checkpoint.

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