‘She’s saved me a few times’ Ben Shephard admits wife stopped him from missing GMB episode

Ben Shephard reveals wife has saved him from being late

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Presenter Ben Shephard has been a staple part of morning TV since he began hosting Channel 4’s spin-off show The Bigger Breakfast, in 1998. Now, the 47-year-old host has made regular appearances on Good Morning Britain, on which the star often features alongside Kate Garraway. The Tipping Point star, whose ITV breakfast schedule means he must set his alarm for 3:30 am, claimed his morning’s made easier with the aid of his wife Annie who would give him “a kick up the backside” if he overslept. 

Speaking on BBC Radio Two, Ben began: “My alarm goes off, there’s a three in the alarm somewhere, at 3:30-3:15 am, something like that, depending on what we’re doing. 

“But you know what? I don’t think the alarm going off is nice at any time of day, whether you’ve got to get up at three o’clock in the morning or even six o’clock in the morning, or nine o’clock.”

Presenter Steve Wright, who was hosting his regular Afternoon programme, replied to the star: “True.”

“You always want an extra five minutes,” the Essex-born newsreader confessed. 

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Letting listeners in on a secret tip, Ben explained: “I put my alarm clock on the other side of the room.”

He went on to say: “So I have to get out of bed because Mrs S [Annie] will give me a kick up the backside if I’m leaving it buzzing too long.”

As Steve let out a chuckle, the ITV host continued: “And by the time we get to the studio, it’s a 24-hour newsroom, obviously, so everyone has been awake, so you go in very quickly and you’re straight into work mode.”

The BBC radio DJ asked: “Does Mrs S now sleep through the alarm?”

“Has she got used to that or do you now wake her up every morning as well?” Steve probed the popular quiz host. 

In jest, Ben responded: “Oh, I make sure she gets up,” causing Steve to burst out into hysterics. 

The TV star continued: “She has to deal with the pain too.

“If she enjoys the benefits of me getting up ridiculously early,” Ben then laughed. “She can enjoy the pain of getting up ridiculously early.”

Agreeing with his guest, the daytime DJ followed with: “Fair enough.”

Furthermore, Ben confessed he almost missed a stint on the ITV breakfast show only to be saved by his other half.

“She’s a really light sleeper and in the past, she has saved me a few times because I haven’t woken up,” Ben said.

Steve then informed his listeners: “And I’ve heard when Ben wakes up [and] he bolts up.”

The zany presenter then went on to sing the theme tune of Good Morning Britain, taking a playful swipe at the star’s wake-up routine. 

Ben married his wife Annie on March 25 back in 2004, and the couple have two sons. 

The couple met when they were both students at the University of Birmingham, where Annie studied Philosophy and was Head of the Philosophy & Epistemology society.

Meanwhile, Ben, who hosts Tipping Point, surprised viewers after announcing the popular quiz show had switched up its format, introducing the changes on Monday’s episode. 

Speaking to This Morning presenters Vernon Kay and Josie Gibson, he explained: “We love the support we’ve had from so many watching it, 10 years of Tipping Point, thank you to everyone who has watched it. The new series starts at 4pm today, few changes for this series as well, you can see there are only three contestants so you’ll get to see that in the daytime shows at 4 pm on ITV.”

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