Shania Twain, 55, dances and high kicks to her song Man! I Feel Like A Woman! in sexy slip during beach getaway

SHANIA Twain danced and even performed a high kick to her famous song Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

The 55-year-old icon also appeared in the clip in a sexy slip during her beach getaway.

Shania celebrated International Women's Day by sharing a TikTok video of her dancing to her iconic song, Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

The clip saw the music star dancing and singing while making her bed.

She wore a sexy white lingerie nightgown with butterfly print.

Shania captioned the video: "LET’S GO GIRLS #letsgogirls  #whenwomenwin #wearehere."

The hit dropped in 1999 off her third studio album, Come On Over (1997).

In October Shania spoke to The Sun about always believing in her dreams.

“I always wanted to be a singer and a songwriter,” she says. “I was never comfortable with being a performer, being the center of attention, but the joy of creating music and using my voice was a passion. It was part of who I was.

“When I was a very small child, I didn’t even know what a career was or that I’d be getting into this giant machine. I just knew I loved music.”

She can trace her passion back to when she was a toddler saying: “I remember playing with notes and range, creating the resonant sound that makes your lips tingle,” she says.

Shania also shared how country icons, Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton, inspired her career.

She says: “Those two were living in more of a man’s world than I am now. Men were much less accepting of the bold, outspoken woman.

“It was inspiring for me as a young girl to listen to them having such confidence in what they were doing.

“Dolly Parton sculpted herself like a Barbie doll and wore it with a smile. She was loud on the outside yet authentic and sincere on the inside. You couldn’t help but love her and you still can’t.”

Shania was married to South African producer Robert “Mutt” Lange from 1993-2010

She went through a messy divorce after Mutt allegedly had an affair with her friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

Shania then married Marie-Anne’s ex, Frederic.

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