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BANKRUPTCY is seemingly looming on the horizon for Stephen Reid, as he grows desperate for cash.

This week, he turns his sights to Jenny Connor. Get the lowdown on all the upcoming Coronation Street drama.

1. Audrey makes a shock confession

The businessman portrayed by Todd Boyce returned to the cobbles just in time to save his mother Audrey Roberts (played by Sue Nicholls) from a sad fate.

After being confronted with her own mortality, the hairdresser decided to put all of her money in a trust fund, believing her son to be the only one she could trust with her fortune.

She was led to this decision by the shock of finding out her grandson David had tried to gain power of attorney over her money.

But the opening of the trust fund has still yet to happen and Stephen is growing more impatient by the day, pestering Audrey to sign the papers.

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He's about to get a nasty shock – Audrey will be revisiting her plans this week, leaving Stephen out in the cold.

As his financial issues slowly come to light, the schemed was hoping that having the rights to Audrey's fortune would save him from losing everything.

To make matters worse, Audrey will be coming clean about her mental health struggle and recent suicide attempt.

Coming up, as the Platts gather for Audrey's Salon opening, Stephen badgers his mother again about signing the trust fund.

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However, Audrey has something else on her mind and she tells members of her family she has tried to take her own life.

Her friends, Rita Tanner and Ken Barlow, were some of the only residents to know she had overdosed on sleeping pills in an attempt to commit suicide.

How will the Platts react?

2. Stephen is cut out of the will

The hairdresser has some more news to break to her family and, this time, it concerns what will come of her fortune once she passes.

As mentioned above, Stephen was promised rights to her money, much to the dismay of other Platts, most notably Audrey's grandchildren.

But in a shocking twist, Audrey asserts she's changed her mind and won't go through with the trust fund.

She then reveals she has made an ordinary will, giving each member of her family equal shares.

This is with the exception of Stephen who once insisted he didn't need any of his mother's money.

Written out of Audrey's will, Stephen is willing to stoop to any low to get the cash he needs – even if that includes breaking a few hearts.

3. Jenny is in danger

Little does Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) know that she's in Stephen's target line.

Upon his arrival in Weatherfield, Stephen caught the eye of Elaine Metcalfe but he, instead, was more interest in restaurant owner Yasmeen Nazir.

Fortunately for Yasmeen, her affection for Stu Carpenter got in the way of Stephen's plans – but he finds another rich woman he could potentially exploit in the form of the Rovers landlady.

Stephen turns all his attention to her without a care in the world for her relationship with Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost).

It all begins in the pub when Sarah and Stephen pour over their business plan.

When he finds out from his niece that Jenny is the sole owner of the Rovers, Stephen knows she must be at ease financially and his interest is immediately piqued.

He turns on the charm and flirts with a tipsy Jenny who ends up inviting him through the back and handing him a drink.

Things escalate between them and the pair kiss passionately.

But matters could get worse when Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) walks in with Leo – will they find Jenny and Stephen in a clinch?

4. Dev attacks his son Aadi

Aadi Alahan (portrayed by Adam Hussain) embarked on a romance with Kelly Neelan (departing actress Millie Gibson) in the hopes of getting a free holiday.

This involved faking an engagement, leading to the lad giving the wayward teen his late mother Sunita's engagement ring.

However, while their engagement was supposed to be a sham, Kelly and Aadi's growing feelings for one another are very real.

This week, they learn the Gazette competition requires written consent from their parents or guardians due to them being under the age of 18.

Kelly and Aadi's engagement becomes public knowledge, forcing Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), Maria Connor and Gary Windass (Samia Longchambon and Mikey North) to come to an agreement.

According to them, the lovebirds are far too young to even consider getting married.

Sadly, tension is brimming over at the Alahan house when Dev and his son row over Kelly's background.

Dev grabs a fuming Aadi, which causes the youngster to fall and hit his head.

Thankfully, Aadi is in no danger but this only makes him angrier with his father.

Aadi tells Dev he's leaving for good and storms out of No.7.

Later on, Asha is upset to see the two most important men in her life on bad terms and begs her twin brother not to cut Dev out.

Whether Aadi agrees or not remains to be seen but he then calls at the shop, handing Dev his mother's engagement ring.

A relieved Dev believes Aadi has backtracked and decided to call it quits with Kelly.

But is this the case?


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5. Spider gives Toyah a chilling warning

Secrets always resurface for everyone in the cobbles to see and Spider's will be no exception.

The eco-warrior portrayed by Martin Hancock could be getting a strong reminder of how harrowing life in Weatherfield can be.

Next week, Spider and his pal Griff join Toyah (played by Georgia Taylor) and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) who are busy putting the world to rights.

Peter lets slip that his wife Carla Barlow (Alison King) is doing business with a shady businessman called Nadeem Atallah.

Carla previously struggled to secure a fabric order, which prompted Stephen Reid to put his own company forward and guaranteeing her he can get the deal for a good price.

Griff is alarmed and tells Peter that Nadeem is notorious for his unethical working practices, hinting this could be their chance to expose him.

But Toyah tries to be a good friend to Carla and dismisses her vigilante ambitions to warn her that doing business with Nadeem could seriously damage her reputation.

Unfortunately, Carla has some bad news to break – the deal has already been done and her PA Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) is furious to notice she's been kept out of the loop again.

Toyah decides she has no choice but to expose Nadeem for his unlawful practices and she meets up with Spider and Griff to confirm she'd like to play a part in ambushing him.

However, Spider gives her a shock when he warns her to back off – why does he want to keep her at arm's length?

6. Dylan comes clean

Despite his mother having settled with him in London when he was still a baby, Dylan Wilson (portrayed by Liam McCheyne) has decided Coronation Street is the perfect place for him

The lad told his father Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) that he was being bullied in his school and was looking for an escape.

Coming up, Sean confides in Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) how Dylan wants to move up closer to Manchester and live with him.

But the Underworld machinist is shocked when his 14-year-old son admits he lied to him about being bullied at school.

Yet Dylan stands his ground and wants to live with Sean rather than in London with his mother.

Armed with the knowledge the young boy isn't happy away from him, Sean agrees he'll speak to Violet.

Considering their complicated history, will she let Dylan live with Sean?

7. Ken and Wendy are reunited

Coming up, Ken Barlow (William Roache) is adamant on making things right when he spots Wendy Crozier (Roberta Kerr) in the local café.

He invites her to see a musical with him but she gives him the cold shoulder.

A bemused Ken doesn't let this get the best of him and he tries again.

When Wendy goes to settle her bill, she's annoyed to see that Ken beats her to the punch and pays it for her.

This then prompts him to make it clear – he only wants them to be friends as he enjoyed her company during their previous evening together.

Ken asks her to go out for drinks.

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But will Wendy accept?

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