Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan confirms rekindled romance with Christine ex ‘Double-dipped’

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When Emma Hernan first stepped foot into the Oppenheim Group offices, it soon became clear there was a frosty atmosphere between her and Selling Sunset stalwart Christine Quinn. Netflix viewers quickly discovered their feud stemmed from the fact the pair had actually dated the same person in years gone by. However, while the romance was seemingly behind them both at the time, the season five reunion revealed Emma has rekindled her romance with the mystery man.

Emma’s revelation came during the reunion episode after she’d cleared the air about Ben Affleck dating rumours and confirmed she and season five newcomer Micah were just friends.

“There have been photos in the press with you and Christine’s ex, who was your ex also,” host Tan France said to Emma.

The Queer Eye star bluntly asked: “Are you still hanging out? Are you dating him still?”

Emma did her best to play coy as she replied: “I mean, I’m single. I’m enjoying life.”

She went on: “Whether it be with a new person I’m dating, whether it’s Micah, whether it’s my ex…

“I’m single, I don’t have to answer to anybody,” the Selling Sunset star defiantly replied.

She added: “I’m living my best life, I might spend time with my ex. It might be fun.”

However, noticing Emma may be holding back information about her and Christine’s former partner, Tan left no stone unturned as he asked: “You still smashing?”

After Emma tried to feign she didn’t understand, she eventually came clean about her current status with her ex.

“I mean… look it…” she hesitated as the likes of Mary Fitzgerald and the rest of the cast began to laugh.

“Has he had this season’s empanadas?” Tan quipped, using a euphemism referring to Emma’s date with Micah in season five.

“Like my new flavour? The newest flavour?” Emma joked. “He might have tested the newest flavour.”

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The Selling Sunset star clarified: “I’m very honest, I keep it 100.”

Emma then revealed that new co-star Chelsea Lazkani has even met the mystery ex.

“Chelsea met him the other day, I think things clicked for her,” Emma remarked.

Chelsea weighed in: “He’s very attractive, so if she wants to dibble-dabble in her ex, be my guest.

“Do what you gotta do, girl,” Chelsea quipped to her fellow agent.

Emma did go on to repeat she and her former flame were single but has “double-dipped” and “gone back for seconds”.

It then became clear Christine was unaware Chelsea had met her ex since he’d rekindled a sexual relationship with Emma.

Selling Sunset seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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