‘Scream’ Star Jasmin Savoy Brown Was ‘Never Interested’ in Horror: It’s ‘So Straight and White’

Jasmin Savoy Brown is an accidental scream queen.

The “Scream VI” star and “Yellowjackets” breakout actress revealed that she was “never interested” in the mainstream horror genre due to its seemingly non-diverse casting.

“I was never interested in horror because it was just so straight and white,” Brown told Elle. “That’s just not interesting to me, aside from my one white woman show a year, which was ‘Big Little Lies’ and then ‘The White Lotus.’”

Brown, who plays Mindy in the latest “Scream” films, praised the franchise for including a Black queer character.

“Mindy’s queerness has nothing to do with her character arc, and no one cares. It’s such a big deal, because it’s not a big deal at all,” Brown said. “I love the idea that some people who would not normally interact with a character like myself are now meeting Mindy in that franchise and hopefully in a way that is pleasant for them.”

She continued of Mindy’s possible “Scream” fate, “All three options in a ‘Scream’ movie are solid. You either die, and it’s going to be an epic death. You survive, and that’s amazing, or you’re the killer. So, no matter which hand I’m dealt, every time I’m happy.”

Brown quipped as to her scream queen status, “Why the fuck do I keep playing these parts? I guess I’m good at it, but I want to do some comedy. Or put me in as Jenna in ‘Waitress.’”

Brown’s “Scream VI” co-star Jenna Ortega previously spoke out on Hollywood still being run by “older white males.”

“I really see my young generation taking more control of themselves in the industry — whether it’s learning to write sooner, direct sooner, or produce sooner,” Ortega said. “I think it’s really empowering and important because, right now, teenage voices are still being told in the majority by older white males. The more that happens, we’ll acknowledge that girls are much more than a lame stereotype.”

Ortega continued on the horror genre, “I never really considered it because a lot of what I do is horror, and they all have these moody and nasty qualities, but what I love is that they also have a sassy teenage nature. The thing about horror is that it’s become a second home to me at this point. I’ve been on enough of those sets [that] I go and I know what’s expected of me. It feels like a typical 9-to-5.”

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