Scott Disick and bikini-clad girlfriend Sofia Richie ride motorbike on beach after he ‘likes’ photo of him kissing ex – The Sun

SCOTT Disick and bikini-clad girlfriend Sofia Richie headed out for a romantic cruise along the beach on an electric bike.

The 36-year-old recently ‘liked’ an old photo on Instagram of him and his ex Kourtney Kardashian kissing.

Scott and his model girlfriend Sofia were snapped riding into the sunset after spending time at the beach together.

The 21-year-old looked stunning in a string bikini top and trousers as she wrapped her legs and arms around Scott to cruise the Malibu shore on an electric bike.

Scott caused a commotion earlier this week when he liked a photo of him and the mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian, sharing a kiss.

The old photo has caused fans to speculate he might leave Sofia Richie for her.

Scott and Kourtney called it quits in 2015 after three kids and nine years together.

Lord Disick was spotted liking old photos posted by a fan account, of him and Kourtney from way back when.

In one photo, Kourtney and Scott are kissing in a parking lot, while in the other one, Scott grabs Kourtney's backside while she looks back at who could be watching them.

The photo was uploaded on Wednesday, meaning Scott liked it very recently.

Some of the fans who followed the account even gushed over how much they loved the couple together.

One person wrote: "i love scott! he hasn’t really harmed anybody but himself tbh and when he was with kourt he loved her so much."

In other pictures of the couple that were posted on the same account, people wished they were back together.

Scott and Kourtney started dating in 2006 and have three kids together.

Fans saw their ups and downs on Keeping Up With The Kardashians with Scott battling his substance abuse, his out of control partying, his cheating on Kourtney, and the death of his parents.

Their relationship was so unique that Kourtney would call him her "true love" and her "soul mate," while Scott posted incessantly about them.

Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end just months after their third child was born.

In 2015, he was caught getting cozy with another woman in the South of France while Kourtney stayed home with the kids.

His intense partying and flirting during that trip cost him his relationship.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Scott and Kourtney have remained close and Scott keeps a close relationship with the rest of the Kardashians.

Scott's finger slip comes just one day after he and Sofia Richie were spotted walking his dog on the beach in Malibu.

Neither of them had masks on and were ignoring all calls for social distancing as they huddled together with a friend.

Despite Sofia's attempts at impressing Scott with her bikini-clad body, Scott wouldn't pull away from his phone.

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