SAS Who Dares Wins' full line up includes a stripper, a trans circus artist, a Mormon lawyer and a Grenfell fireman

THIS year’s batch of recruits on SAS: Who Dares Wins have already had it tough – and that’s before they’ve faced Ant Middleton and co.

Here are just five contestants with challenging back stories who are competing in the gruelling telly show.

They are among the 21 new faces who will be pushed to their mental and physical ­limits by the intimidating directing staff for the latest Channel 4 series, which starts on Sunday.

Esther Whiting, 28, from Ascot

Dancer who secretly became a stripper to fund her apprenticeship in tattoo artistry.

She went off the rails and her lifestyle was out of control.

She was in a car crash in 2019, later charged with drink driving.

She has turned her life around thanks to passion for fitness.

Rebekah Randall, 43, of Bristol

Brought up in a Mormon household, but never felt comfortable in the culture.

Personal problems led to her sleeping rough at the age of 16 in a bus stop.

She is now a lawyer and personal trainer, plus a mum.

Holly Hutchinson, 32, Derby

The series' first ever trans contestant, Holly is a champion circus artist and specialises in aerial dance.

Holly says she suffered horrendous verbal abuse and lost friendships due to being trans.

But her acceptance into the circus world helped her blossom as a performer.

Ricky Nuttall, 39, from London

Firefighter battling PTSD after being among crews who fought the Grenfell Tower blaze, which killed 72 people in 2017.

He has been in London Fire Service for 16 years and is now a motivational speaker and mental health advocate.

Connor Smyth, 30, of Newtownards, County Down

He was taunted in his native Northern Irfeland for his passion for Irish dance, with detractors questioning his sexuality.

He wants to change the perception of the genre, showing he can mix it with the “tough guys”.


WHILE certain dramas hog the headlines, others ­capture huge audiences without much fanfare.

A good example is Welsh drama Keeping Faith ­starring Eve Myles as beleaguered wife Faith Howells.

It has been viewed on BBC iPlayer more than 50million times. It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.


THERE are laughs aplenty as Dave reveals a new raft of programmes today.

Six-parter Outsiders sees David Mitchell challenge three comedians to test their mettle in the great outdoors.

British As Folk, another six-parter, sees comics Fern Brady, Darren Harriott and Ivo Graham travel across the nation investigating stereotypes and traditions.

Richard Ayoade, hosts quiz show Question Team, in which panels of comics set questions for their opponents and host.

There’s also a third series of Meet The Richardsons, starring Jon Richardson and wife Lucy Beaumont. And Tom Allen will front The Island, where four comics play God and imagine a dream island they would rule over. There must be something there to tickle your fancy . . .

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