Sad goodbye in EastEnders as Sam confirms exit from Walford

It’s sad news for EastEnders fans, as recent scenes seem to have confirmed an exit for iconic Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) after a year long stint on the show.

Sam returned to the Square last April after six years away and has caused havoc ever since.

Most recently, she upset son Ricky (Frankie Day) by joking that she would rather be sunning herself on a yacht than dealing with a moody teenager.

After being rejected by the soon-to-be teenage dad, Sam received a mysterious phone call, which left viewers suspicious of what she could be up to.

All was revealed in tonight’s (April 12) episode, as she revealed to family members that she had been offered a job managing a hotel back in Spain.

This news left Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) reeling, as he berated her for not thinking about Ricky.

Torn Sam later sat down with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), who helped her to put things into persepctive.

She pointed out that it was important that Sam followed her heart and did what she believed would be the best thing.

She added that the job had the potential to earn Sam a lot of money, which could be spent on Ricky and the baby.

With honey encouraging her to take the opportunity, as it would benefit her family as well as herself, Sam finally came to a decision.

Later that afternoon, Sam ran into Ricky on the Square, where she was left to deliver the difficult news that she would be moving back to Spain.

She promised him that it was only temporary, and that he, Lily (Lillia Turner) and the baby could come and visit whenever they liked.

However, his reaction wasn’t what she expected, as he revealed that he wasn’t surprised, and the only shock was that she’d stuck around for this long.

With Ricky completely unphased by her big move, will Sam stay away for good, or will she return like she promised?

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