RuPaul's Drag Race season 13: Queens ranked from meh to yaaas after The Bag Ball

The competition is heating up on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 – and this week, they’re having a ball!

The Bag Ball seems like a completely missed opportunity for an innuendo – The Ball o’ Bags would’ve been far more punnier, but there we are. This would never have happened on UK Drag Race, jus’ sayin’.

Generally this episode was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, with queens like LaLa Ri and Symone seemingly forced to bring up their personal traumas suffered through the Black Lives Matter movement proving to be a particularly hard tragedy mirror to watch.

But when it came to the runway – with three created looks no less, they all brought their A-game, with a ‘Mixed Bag’ look, a money bag look and a workroom made bag look to show off.

So who came out on top after this week’s shenanigans?

Here’s how the queens fared this week – from top to bottom.

Utica Queen

Utica is proving that you can be kooky and fashion in this competition, something that previous ‘quirky’ queens from years gone by have fallen down over.

If Carrie Bradshaw became a dog owner, we could’ve seen her wearing this doggy bag look around Central Park. Cruella DeVil would never.

With money bags, Utica is the only person who could make Thoroughly Modern Millie becomes a black widow showing off her gold work and it was so much fun to pick apart.

But it was the sleeping bag that really did it for us. We absolutely loved it and she should’ve won this challenge for what she managed to achieve ‘in the time it took for LaLa to stick some bags to a corset’, as Nicole Byer pointed out.

Sorry judges. We call rigga-morris.

Kandy Muse

Kandy knows how to be mischievous in a cute way, and God help the other queens now her thirst for Joey is going to have to be placed elsewhere.

She has a good balance going at the moment of getting the cameras’ attentions in the workroom without overdoing it, and having some standout moments on the runway.

Her Bag O’ Tricks was pretty genius and her CE-Ho look was inspired. Standing out from the business exec look everyone else went for, her gartered-up, bright pink mistress with wig made out of money made her look like she should’ve been in the background of the WAP video.

Her final outfit was again one that actually showed off the fact she was wearing bags, and she looked absolutely adorable – like she’d fallen out of 90s cartoon As Told By Ginger.

She was in our top three.


Gottmik is seriously one to watch this season and in this fashion runway she was always going to do well.

Her body bag ‘autopsy but make it sexy’ look was such a great concept and you have to applaud it. This queen knows how to pay attention to the finer details of things.

Another example of this was in her stunning money look – where everything was precisely perfect and even the bag matched her lipstick. Details.

Her final look though? While we get the reference and the deconstructed fashion elements, weren’t loving it, if we’re being completely honest. She sold the hell out of it, but it was essentially a lot of strings of fabric sewn onto a triangle that had possibly slipped out of place (if we’re going by what Ru was shown in the work room), and a layered leg.

It was cool but we don’t think it was necessarily win-worthy. We’re still obsessed with Mik though.


We’re getting a feeling that Rose is becoming quite the quiet assassin of this season and we’re not mad about it one bit.

She’s still one of out faves of the confessionals, and we’ve yet to see a runway where she’s completely failed.

Her bagpipes look was absolutely adorable, and knowing it was a nod to where she grew up was a great tidbit.

The money bag outfit – another 80s yuppy look – was giving us Bette Midler vibes.

But she really ran away with the bag theme, and was one of the few that actually looked like she was wearing bags. It was so fun, we loved it.

Elliott (with two Ts)

We don’t know what it is about Elliott that’s rubbing up the other queens the wrong way – and it’s obvious Elliott doesn’t either.

Thankfully she doesn’t care enough to let it affect her in the competition, and she flew high this week with three pretty nailed looks.

Gift bag was pretty and she’s always looking gracious, but it was simple compared to others. However, her money bags look made her appear like she’d jumped straight out of Nine To Five and we were obsessed.

And the beanbag outfit was pure perfection. Everything about it looked like it was fashion and expensive fashion at that. She was a high safe.


Is there anyone in the history of Drag Race that kills the runway quite as efficiently as Symone?

It honestly says more about the standard of the season than it does about her that she’s not higher up. We need that runway confidence and walk in our day-to-day lives please.

That funbags look was cartoonishly stupid fun and it killed us, with her pink Fifth Element business look not far behind.

Her final look was a bit disappointing but she worked it like it was a high fashion piece of art. Wasn’t enough to save it really, but she knew this wasn’t going to be her best week and she did a solid job.

Tamisha Iman

Tamisha Iman is the ultimate mama drag queen, and we’re pretty sure we’ve learned more from her and the history of drag than we have in all the other seasons of the show.

She’s a fountain of knowledge that we’re never bored of hearing talk, and she knows her worth. Tamisha is unshakable in the knowledge of herself, but that’s proven a little bit of an issue with queens gone past, as it means they’re unshakeable when given critique. Let’s hope she doesn’t fall down that trap.

We love that she went for Old Bag look, but the money bags – while we loved the colour palette choice, was pretty plain.

As for her final look, it was like Diana Ross starred in an 80s sitcom, which was set in that era’s version of the future/space. Lots of tin foil, far too much shine, and a bit too much.

We’re waiting for her to truly thrive though, we can feel it coming.


Denali all but disappeared in the work room – though we can’t deny her cartoon baby look for the opening challenge is something to give us nightmares.

She more than made up for it on the runway though, with her alien air bag look making seem like she’d fallen straight out of a cartoon.

Her money bags look kicked off what appeared to be a yuppy-inspired trend among the queens, which isn’t a bad thing, but hers was not one to stand out among the pack.

She ended on a solid note – her Día de Muertos inspired final outfit was beautiful and had a great nod to her heritage. She was solidly safe but we’re wanting more now.

Olivia Lux

We don’t think this is entirely Olivia’s fault, as we’re guessing she was given the ‘punching bag’ theme, but unfortunately for her we’ve seen the Million Dollar Baby boxer outfit from Symone already this season – the exact same look.

While the outfit was something that couldn’t really be helped, Olivia had plenty of time to make it more distinctive from Symone’s – add bruises to her face to make her look like she’d been in the ring, maybe give herself a bloody lip… or even not wearing the same braided hairstyle. We were disappointed.

For her business look, it was was cute and we loving the attention to detail – like the sleeve lining matching the tie. It was cute.

Her holographic bag looked like Xena The Warrior Princess and Ariel from Little Mermaid had a baby, which we’re not mad at. Overall, just safe.

LaLa Ri

LaLa broke our hearts this episode – that BLM chat seemed far too raw to be going over so soon and is clearly hitting too close to home.

As each week goes on we’re warming to her more and more. But she’s not matching up with her competitors, and that’s the biggest problem.

Her amazing confessionals can only get her so far.

Taking her Bag I’Bones so literally – walking down the runway in a burlap sack, had us cracking up. But Carson had a point – having the bones be more structured would’ve helped elevate the look a little more.

We LOVED her money bags look though, with that colour palette and her bald head and exquisitely beaten mug making us want to look at her all day.

Full credit to her for trying to sell the bag outtit that was clearly falling apart at the seams, but that was dead on arrival before she even put it on and she knew it. We enjoyed the pink purse mohawk though.

The final look secured her fate at the bottom though. Thankfully she had the skills to save herself in the lipsync, but it’s time to step up.

Tina Burner

It isn’t entirely Tina’s fault that she’s down here this week – but she literally uttered one sentence in the work room and that was about all we saw of her in the edit.

Her looks on the runway didn’t get our attention either, no matter how polished they were.

Our fave by far was her black/white and red all over money bags look, which looked so squeaky clean, fit her gorgeously and was generally just perfect.

But Brown Bagging it didnt’ stand out for us at all, in fact writing this just after watching it and we’re already losing the details, and her final look, bringing back her signature red and yellow colours, felt like something we’d seen before.

Hopefully as the numbers go down, we’ll be able to see more of her, but right now she’s disappearing.

Joey Jay

Joey Jay stood out this week for the wrong reasons, and unfortunately it sealed her fate.

Only appearing in the work room as the object of Kandy’s affections, on the runway it was more of the same, wearing outfits that she clearly didn’t understand the concept of.

Got to admit, we didn’t immediately click the Poison Ivy/IV Bag concept, but then again we weren’t wearing it. It seemed a little too much in one outfit either way -was she meant to be a sexy nurse, a sexy patient, or a sexy Poison Ivy dressed as a nurse for evil deeds?

For money bags, it was very evil villain in a movie, and quite similar to her promo photo look but in red and black, but didn’t scream super expensive. Also the lilac bag clashed with the outfit.

We didn’t hate her made look though – it was quite 80s Madonna meets 2006 Lady Gaga. It was adorable and made her look cute.

Unfortunately it was time for Joey to go. But we’re sure the gang – particularly Kandy – is going to miss her around the work room.

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Fridays on VH1 in the US and Saturdays on Netflix in the UK.

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