Roman Kemp breaks down in tears on air as he returns to Capital FM after he’s left devastated by close pal’s death

ROMAN Kemp broke down in tears this morning as he returned to Capital FM after his close friend's death.

The I'm A Celeb star took a leave of absence from last Tuesday after the death of the show's producer, Joe Lyons.

And today as he returned to the radio show he spoke about his "best friend" Joe.

Choking up with tears, Roman, 27, said: "We wanted to share some really sad news. I never thought I’d have to do this ever.

"Last Tuesday, very suddenly, we lost one of our best friends. Our producer Joe, he was a member of the Capital Breakfast family. 

"We are trying to process this all together. We wanted to share this news with you.' 

He continued: "Joe had worked for Global, the parent company, for nine years.

"He was the very first person I met when I walked through the door. I remember thinking he was a bit of a Del Boy.

"He was with me right from my very first show. He taught be everything I didn't know about sitting in a radio studio without him.'

Opening up about their special friendship, Roman added: "He’s the person I’d sit here and rinse constantly.  

"He loved dogs. Obsessed with his daily step count. Never ironed his clothes. He loved his family so much. His dad Ivan, his mum Celia, his sister Lou. 

"He did love his friends… his fans, he did have fans. The thing he loved most of all was doing this show, you listening.

"He was like a genius coming up with these ideas. He was driven by the reaction from you every day."

Roman's mum, Shirlie Kemp shared a tribute to Joe on his final Instagram post, shared on June 20.

She wrote: "God Bless you Joe …. you were and always will be so loved."

Joe's cause of death has not been revealed.

He was a much-loved member of the Capital FM team, often referred to as Producer Joe.

Joe's friend and Capital Breakfast presenter Vick Hope, shared her heartbreak on Monday morning as she paid tribute to Joe and said she hoped he was "at peace". 

Sharing a series of pictures of them, she wrote: "Our Joe. My JoeJoe. My special, magical, beautiful friend. We signed off every message with "I love you, buddy", and yet I’m worried I still didn’t tell you enough.

"Look at everything you made, Joe. Everything you achieved, what you built, who you inspired. Your talent and creativity are so immense, but more than that you are the kindest, most hilarious, caring, fun, fiercely loyal and spectacular person any of us had the pleasure of meeting. You really are the best one we ever knew. Our friend. My friend.

"For the last four years you have been my solace, my rock, my confidante. I’ve told you all my secrets, and you said you’d take them to the grave. And now it seems you did just that, and it breaks my heart. Words cannot describe this pain, it doesn’t make sense and it’ll take time to process. I keep repeating: Not you, please not you. But now you’re at peace, you’re in a better place. I’m going to miss you Joe Lyons, so much."

Vick went on: "Thank you for every crab dance, every ‘you’re embarrassing us babe’, every cereal box game, every 5am-er at a houseparty we’re not invited to, every ‘bah bah’, every undersized chino, every photobomb courtesy of your arse, every cocktail we shook in your flat or evening spent in my yard doing things we shouldn’t on a school night, every club we sat in the corner of scheming, every time we were back and ready to do it all over again, every single damn laugh, every hug that meant the world because you made me feel safe and understood. And thank you for being my favourite valentine.

"We met our match in each other. I’ve never encountered anyone else as weird and as wild, and together we were chaos. Wherever you are I hope you’re causing chaos there too.

"We never wanted the party to end, and I don’t believe this one is over either; I’ll just see you at the afterparty. Until then, I love you, buddy.

"My thoughts are with your parents and Lou; Ro, Sonny and the team; Olly and everyone who loves you."

Roman and his Capital FM co-stars Sian Welby, 33, and Sonny Jay, 27, took time off from the show last Tuesday after hearing the sad news of Joe's death.

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