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CHANNEL 4 are unleashing their latest reality show Rise and Fall, which is bound to have us all hooked.

Hosted by Greg James the contestants range from a 69-year-old, East End wheel dealer, to a postman from Sierra Leone.

Who is in the Rise and Fall cast?

Rise and Fall sees the contestants split into two – the Rulers and the Grafters.

While the Rulers live in a luxury penthouse, the Grafters must survive in basic conditions in the basement while they complete gruelling challenges to build up the prize fund.

But anyone can rise to a position of power and anyone can fall.

Meet the group here before Rise and Fall begins this Sunday (March 19) on Channel 4.

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Ali, 45, Essex

Ali is a hard-working businessman from Essex.

He who owns a number of successful businesses and is well known in his local area for his restaurants which have become celebrity hot spots.

When asked who he considers a great leader, he told Channel 4: "I think Donald Trump is a great leader because he’s a don’t-take-no-c**p kind of guy."

Cheryl, 40, Liverpool

Now a mature student, Cheryl was previously a support worker, working with both adults and children.

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She said: "I like to bring everyone together, but I also like to do my own thing. I don’t like seeing anyone struggling so I  know I’m going to be very compassionate about those scenarios.

"But I also like to be a winner, so long as  things go my way, that’s fine. But that’s not going to happen, is it? It’s a gameshow."

Connor, 27, Kent

Connor started volunteering in the care sector at the age of 16 and always knew it was what he wanted to do on leaving school.

He now works with the elderly and people with disabilities.

He said: "I’m a strong person. To win Rise and Fall I think you have to be outspoken, I’m good at analysing people and I think I’ll be able to sniff out the weaker ones, the fake ones, all the manipulators and I think I’ll be able to sniff out the worst ones.

"With my charm and sass, I’ll probably work my way right up to the top and win Rise and Fall series one."

Edmund, 27, Devon

Edmund comes from one of Britain’s oldest aristocratic families.

He leads an ordinary life and says he’s someone who can find common ground with anyone.

He said: "I think I have the qualities to win Rise and Fall because I’m more than happy to muck in and do the hard graft, but then also take a step back and organise and lead a team."

Jack, 28, Hertfordshire

Jack works in construction and plays semi professional football.

If he were to win the prize fund, he’d take his mum on a luxury holiday.

Asked who he considered a great leader Jack said: "Someone who’s a great leader to me is Lionel Messi because he can lead a team by himself and carry them over the line, like at the World Cup."

James, 26, Newport, South Wales

James works as an employment coach but is also passionate about fitness and runs fitness classes.

He chose Beyonce as his favourite example of a great leader, saying: "Beyonce is an amazing leader. She has so many achievements.

"She’s a trailblazer. She’s led herself, women, men and the queer community to feel themselves, to be their best selves and to release their wiggle."

Jeff, 69, London

Jeff is an East End boy at heart. He began working at Sotheby’s in the 1970s before setting up his art dealership and is best known for his
role as an expert in Channel 4’s Four Rooms.

These days he oversees and runs eight businesses.

Jeff chose an iconic former Prime Minister as his example of a great leader, saying: "Somebody who was a great leader with great attributes was Winston Churchill.

"He had a sense of humour and you get nowhere in this world without a sense of humour."

Joanna, 50, Suffolk

Interior designer Joanna grew up in Suffolk but spent time at her grandparents’ stately home.

When the pandemic affected her interior design work, she went to Greece for a big adventure.

She said: "I’m strong, physically and mentally. I like to rise to any occasion thrown at me. I love a challenge. I’m very energetic so throw anything at me and hopefully, I’ll be capable."

Marina, 18, London

Marina lives at home with her parents in London.

She dropped out of university to follow her dream of being an actor, and nowworks as a receptionist.

Marina said: "I’m a good leader because I come with a lot of positive energy and I don’t provide problems, I provide solutions."

Matt, 32, The Midlands

Nurse Matt has dedicated his career to helping the most vulnerable members of society but after over a decade on the frontline, he is becoming increasingly frustrated with social policy.

His great leader is his mum, as he said: "It’s cheesy, it’s a cliché but it’s my mother. My  mother is my role model.

"She’s one of the strongest, most empowering women I know. If I could be half the nurse – because she was a nurse as well – and half the parent to my two daughters that she  was to me then I’m happy, I’m successful. I’ve achieved in life."

Prince, 39, Hertfordshire

Born and raised in Sierra Leone, Prince describes his upbringing as challenging but believes that, although harsh, it has set him up
for success.

He said: "I am very, very disciplined. I’ve got 20 years of martial arts training.

"I’m very focused when I decide to put my mind to something and I’m a very deep thinker. I don’t follow the crowd. I’m an individual, I’m quite strong minded and I’ve got good willpower."

Rachel, 27, London

Influencer Rachel is also an identical twin.

She specialises in fashion and beauty content creation.

Speaking about being on Rise and Fall, she said: "The qualities I have that will make me win Rise and Fall are, I’m very observant and I like to be social, but I’m also very competitive.

"I’m here to win. No one’s going to take my spot, just saying."

Ramona, 34, London

Ramona credits moving from Munich to London as a child and having to learn a new language with sparking her desire to work hard and excel in the business world.

She is now CEO of numerous hospitality and tech businesses.

Ramona said: "My qualities that will help me win are from experiences I’ve gained in business.

"I have been doing this since I was 21. I’ve worked in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Germany and the UK. I’ve learnt so much.

"I’ve worked with so many people from different cultures and backgrounds and I can lead people using the knowledge and experience I’ve gained."

Rishika, 26, Birmingham

Rishika grew up without great wealth which made her understand the value of money and the need to earn nice things.

She now runs a charity helping people who live in poverty.

Rishika said: "The qualities I have are that I’m really outspoken and say what I think and I’m not afraid to take the lead.

"Also, I’m really empathetic so I’ll take into consideration what other people feel and think."

Sophie, 21, Essex

A member of the Young Conservatives, Sophie is outspoken about her political views,

She is aa regular commentator in the national media, and also a keen footballer.

Sophie revealed her example of a great leader saying: "The best example of a leader I can think of, who is actually my personal idol since I was a child, is Margaret Thatcher."

Sydney, 24, West Lothian, Scotland

As well as working as a delivery driver, single mum Sydney is also studying for a law degree.

She hopes to one day have a career working in the human rights

Sydney said when asked for an example of a great leader: "One of the best leaders is Marilyn Monroe because she’s iconic and had the world in a chokehold during her time."

How can I watch Rise and Fall?

Rise and Fall begins on Sunday March 19, 2022 at 9pm.

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You can watch it on Channel 4, or stream it on All 4.

The show will continue throughout the week at the same time.

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