RHOBH producers are 'prepared to turn over Erika Jayne's unaired show footage to court' in fraud & bankruptcy cases

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills producers are prepared to turn over unaired footage featuring Erika Jayne to the courts in her multiple legal cases, a source has exclusively told The Sun.

Since filing for divorce from her ex, disgraced attorney Tom Girardi, the former couple has been accused of embezzling millions of dollars meant for plane crash victims' families and other crimes.

A report filed by an independent trustee investigating Tom's law firm's assets claimed the company is in major debt and still owes $26 million to "anywhere from dozens to hundreds of clients."

A portion of these unpaid settlement funds – about $2 million – are allegedly meant for the clients involved in the Lion Air Flight 610 crash case.

Erika professed to know nothing about her husband's finances and insisted she's done nothing wrong- but she's now concerned her reality TV past could be used against her, according to an insider.

"Producers are aware the legal case is only going to intensify and are prepared, if asked by the courts, to help the discovery process by releasing unaired footage and multimedia featuring the Girardis," the source exclusively told The Sun.

"Producers have been advised by their legal team they may be forced to turn over any footage or audio which may help the court get a clearer picture of the case.

"This is because much of the wealth she flaunted early on in the series is believed by so many to have come from the Lion Air crash victims.

"Producers are on Erika's side because they have had, up until this point, a good working relationship with her, but they want to help the case and do what's right."

The Sun has reached out to Bravo and Erika Jayne's rep for comment, but did not hear back.


The source also said Erika feels "betrayed" by producers, and feels they do not have her back in the current legal battles.

Co-star Lisa Rinna even claimed Erika got into a "screaming fight" with Bravo producers during her Palm Springs meltdown that aired this week.

The star sobbed after she admitted on-camera that her ex husband Tom still "calls her everyday" to profess his love and attempt to get her back.

After appearing to be triggered by the realization she may have said too much on camera, Erika locked herself in a bathroom and could be heard hyperventilating in tears. 

One day after the dramatic episode aired, her co-star Lisa, 58, shared shocking new details about the night in an Instagram Story post she later deleted. 

The reality star wrote: "Dang it … I wish they had shown the screaming fight between the producer and Erika last night on the show in La Quinta.

"Now that would have been epic TV. Too Bad.”

She added on her Story as a reference to Denise Richards' iconic line last season: "Bravo Bravo f**king Bravo!

"I’ll get in trouble for this in 5…4….3…2…1."

While she did not go into detail about what was discussed during the argument, sources told TooFab Erika had "no idea" their microphones were still on when she made the confession about Tom calling her everyday. 

"Erika then told producers she would give them what they wanted, but on her terms; and while the spat with producers was filmed by production, it was left on the cutting room floor."

Following her high profile split, Erika moved out of their $7 million mansion in Pasadena and into a new tiny rental property.

Erika, who split from ex Tom in November 2020, said during a previous confessional: "20 years of a marriage, 22 years of a relationship, I left all of that behind…"

She later added: "After finding a place to go to, I dropped Tom off at work, and I went home and moved out… so I was out within the day.

"It's frightening when you think about it."

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