'RHOBH' Cast Frustrated Denise's Husband Didn't Show Up at Reunion

Another The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion episode means more of the women trying to hash out their issues with Denise Richards. But judging by ET’s first look clip, this reunion isn’t going to wrap up in a nice little bow. Expect some loose ends.

In part two of the special, most of the women lamented the fact that Brandi Glanville was not a part of the virtual get-together, as the big drama of the season surrounded her relationship with Denise (or lack thereof, according to Denise). Now, the ladies — and even host Andy Cohen — seem disappointed that Denise’s husband, Aaron Phypers, won’t be dropping by the video chat, either. Aaron found himself at odds with the women, namely Erika Jayne, after he spoke to them in a way to which they took offense.

“I, personally, don’t think he said anything at that point that was offensive,” Denise says in her husband’s defense. “I really don’t. He’s actually always liked Erika, and all the women. Aaron was truly trying to just diffuse the situation.”

The issue with Aaron came to a head when Erika attempted to confront him about his manner of speaking, at a party at Sutton Stracke’s store. Andy suggests that Aaron making an appearance at the reunion could have brought some closure to that drama, or at least helped to improve Denise’s relationship with the group. He references when Dorit Kemsley’s husband, PK, came to the season 7 reunion to smooth things out with Erika over “panty-gate,” and how that changed the course of Dorit and Erika’s friendship, for the better.

“As soon as we got to Sutton’s place, it took a turn,” Denise notes. “As soon as I went to the bathroom, I, you know, I should’ve brought him with me. Erika, you’ve even said you waited until I went to the bathroom to talk to Aaron.”

“Yeah, I did,” Erika admits. “When I saw you go, I was like, this is it. I can talk to Aaron. She’s not gonna whisk him away. We can say what I wanna say, and sure enough when you got back, you took him out!”

Watch the full exchange here:

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