‘Rest of us have to get to work!’ Lowri Turner rages at stop-oil eco-activist ‘ego’

GMB: Lowri Turner grills Stop Oil activist over protesting

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Lowri Turner turned on the Stop Oil activist group as the Good Morning Britain guest blamed protestors for causing chaos for ordinary people. Ms Turner described eco-activist as an ‘ego” driven “jamboree” on the ITV breakfast show.

Ms Turner told GMB: “Is this idea of the one group of people have decided that they are the ones to save the world and there’s a certain pole faced incredibly irritating…I am getting it in a wave towards me here, how dare you question us because we know what’s right.

“I’m going to glue my hand to the tarmac and then I’m going to be a martyr and I’m going to be a good person while the rest of us can’t get on with our day.

“With respect, Martha is 20 I’m more than twice her age I’ve got kids, I’ve got a job I’ve got an elderly mother.

“We have to get on with our life.”

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She added: “Most people feel they’re doing their bit they’re doing the recycling. There, try that I can’t afford an electric car. I can’t afford a heat pump. Most people can’t afford that.

“The people that the campaigners should be focusing on is the Government not on ordinary people.

“But it’s about ego there’s no doubt that we’ve had a winter without any protests but as soon as the sun comes out, oh, it’s eco festival time and it is a festival, it is a big jamboree.

“It’s let’s get on social media let’s sit down with a plaque card let’s advertise to my friends what a great person I am, while the rest and ordinary people have to go to work, can’t get to work.”


GMB: Richard Madeley shuts down Stop Oil protester

It came as Extinction Rebellion climate activists staged sit-down protests in central London for a second day, with dozens arrested after they blocked two bridges to demand an end to the fossil fuel economy.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park on Sunday morning before marching into the city centre and “occupying” both Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges, major traffic arteries across the Thames where they prevented vehicles from crossing.

However, they allowed ambulances and fire engines to pass, with organisers parting the crowd by shouting “blue light”.

Crowds sat in the middle of the road, waving multicoloured flags bearing the group’s “extinction” symbol and placards that read “there is no planet B” and “we want to live”, and listened to music and speakers in sunny weather.

After several hours, police cleared first Lambeth and then Vauxhall Bridge, saying 38 arrests were made in the process.

Officers told protesters there was evidence they were causing “serious disruption” to the public, warning them to leave or face arrest.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted on Sunday evening: “Both demonstrations within the Vauxhall Area have now concluded and the roads have reopened.

“As a result of today’s policing operation we have made 38 arrests.”

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