‘Read the full question!’ The Chase’s Mark Labbett blasts Bradley Walsh over blunder

The Chase: Bradley Walsh welcomes Marge through to final

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four hopefuls onto Thursday’s instalment of the ITV game show named Steve, Lloyd, Chris and Jackie who all hoped to walk away with a cash prize. The players went head-to-head with Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett but when Chris’ turn came round Bradley was left kicking himself over a blunder. Mark warned the presenter to “read the full question” in the future to avoid making a similar error. 

Steve was the first player to go up against Mark after raising a respectable £6,000 in her cash builder round. 

She managed to sail through to the final after going up against The Beast where she played for £6,000. 

The second contestant to play was Lloyd who was assisted onto the stage by his guide-dog Harvey who Bradley thought was very well behaved. 

Despite his best efforts, he was soon caught by the Chaser and was sent home. 

Chris, who was hoping to become a prison guard after leaving his job in the Army, was the next player to take to the stage. 

However, the episode took an unexpected turn when Bradley tripped up on a question during Chris’ round against the Chaser.

Bradley asked Chris what was the northernmost English county that the M6 motorway passes through out of the options Cumbria, Derbyshire or North Yorkshire. 

He opted for North Yorkshire and Bradley was confident it was the correct answer. 

However, Bradley then said: “Cumbria’s the M6 isn’t it?” 

The Beast selected Cumbria as for his answer and scoffed: “You’ve just said it Bradley, Cumbria the M6.” 

A frustrated Bradley replied: “Oh the M1, I’m thinking the M1.” 

Mark chimed in: “You’ve done the classic thing Bradley, you need to RTFQ, meaning you need to read the full question.”

Bradley continued to be hard on himself over the error and the show cut to a break before the answer was revealed. 

It was later revealed that Cumbria was the right answer which meant Chris was caught by the Chaser and sent packing. 

Mark tried to reassure Bradley who was still annoyed over the blunder, saying: “It’s so easily done, your mind misses the key bit. 

“I know [the road] from when I have driven up to Scotland a few times to a place where they do shirts in my size.” 

Jackie was the last contestant to play and she raised £5,000 in her cash builder round and she was the only other contestant to make it through to the final. 

Jackie and Steve were playing for an £11,000 jackpot, but despite their best attempt, they were soon caught by Mark. 

Following their defeat, Bradley said: “The Beast in fine form but the ladies will go home empty-handed.” 

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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