‘Property Brothers’ Announce Exciting New Project That May Have You Laughing

The ‘Property Brothers’ are moving right along in their career with yet another big project.

Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are known for real estate and fixer-uppers. But if you have seen these twins together, then you know that they have quite a humorous side to them as well. These two will be putting their humor to work in a special new project that was just announced on Wednesday.

Variety had all the details on the new project that may have everyone laughing. The Scott brothers will have their own single-camera scripted comedy series on Fox appropriately titled, It Takes Two. It is based on their own memoirs of twin brothers, both entrepreneurs, who decide to pull together to create a joint business in real estate. The network has given the green light on a script commitment with an attached penalty to it.

Jon and Josh Silberman (Living Biblically) will come on board as writers and as executive producers. In addition, the Scott brothers, along with Kim and Eric Tannenbaum and Austin Winsberg, will executive produce as well.

The HGTV stars have several shows on the network that have proven to be quite successful. What started it all was when Property Brothers began in 2011 and viewers couldn’t get enough of these guys doing their thing. Brother vs. Brother and Property Brothers: At Home soon followed. The Scotts started their careers as actors, so this developing comedy series is right up their alley.

The identical twin brothers chatted with Fox News on what was next on their bucket list. Drew clearly mentioned that doing a scripted comedy series is definitely on that list.

“I think a big bucket list item for me and Jonathan is to produce some of our own scripted films and series. As our production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, continues to expand and we’re dominating the unscripted space, we’re really excited to move back into scripted.”

It looks like that one can be checked off their bucket list, now that it is actually coming true. The 40-year-old twins explained that the idea for this project came about from an actual script that their dad wrote in the ’60s. That script will be coming to Fox very soon.

The Property Brothers stars can also add “authors” to their growing resume. They just wrote a kids’ book called Builder Brothers: Big Plans. They said that this is a big thank you for the kids who follow their shows on HGTV.

Drew Scott danced his way into the finals of Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars along with his pro partner Emma Slater, but was eventually eliminated. Just six months later in May, he wed his soulmate, Linda Phan. Jonathan is still single and is okay with that. He noted that dating is not particularly a priority right now.

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