Power Ghost’s Caroline Chikeze pays tribute to ‘coolest cast ever’

Power Ghost Caroline Chikezie opens up about meeting 'gracious' Mary J Blige

Ahead of Power Book II: Ghost’s season three shortly coming to a close, fans brace themselves for a dramatic finale episode which will air May 23. 

Along with many show firsts, the series welcomed a new character that many fans will now know as Noma, played by Caroline Chikezie. 

It didn’t take long for the ruthless connect to make her presence known throughout the streets of New York, bringing more stress to each cast member in a different way with her intense demands and scary intimidation tactics.

And although they may be enemies on the series, Chikezie insists it’s a completely different story behind the cameras, despite her initial worries. 

The actress recalled meeting the Power Ghost “family” for the first time as she admitted she “didn’t expect” to get a “warm reception”. 

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Chikezie recalled: “Honestly, I didn’t expect an as warm reception as I got. They just fully embraced me from day one.

“And showered me with love and support. And it was way more than I expected,” she added. 

The actress went on to explain why she was initially concerned: “Because you know you there are a family, you know, but this cast is the kindest, most supportive cast I’ve ever worked with.”

“So they were really lovely,” the Noma star insisted, as she expressed her admiration for her new cast. 

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The former footballers’ Wives star then revealed the cast spend time together outside of filming the popular crime drama.

Chikezie explained: “You know, we all go out, we will hang out at the weekend. And we can spend time together and they’re super cool.

“So cool. They’re the coolest cast ever,” the Noma actress continued.

Chikezie, who is originally from London, England, also revealed her co-stars teach her things about living in New York.

The Power Ghost star explained: “We’re in New York, and they’re teaching me things. You know. And I’m going along like Aunty Noma, it’s great fun for them.”

Despite her initial worries, Chikezie insisted: “They’ve been so warm and welcoming,” as she referred to her Power Ghost family. 

The series has already been renewed for a fourth series, but it has not yet been confirmed when the crime drama will return for its fourth run. 

However, Michael Rainey Jr exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Hopefully, hopefully, the wait for season four isn’t as long as the wait was for season three,” as he hinted the new season may be sooner than fans expect.   

Power Book II: Ghost resumes Friday, May 19 on Starz in the US and Lionsgate+ in the UK.

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