Power Book 3: Raising Kanan’s Mekai Curtis on what Raquel Thomas star is really like

The long-awaited Power spin-off has finally hit the screens, Power Book III: Raising Kanan will give fans an in-depth look into the upbringing of Kanan Stark. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Kanan star, Mekai Curtis about the Starz series and he confessed what his on-screen mother Patina Miller is really like.

“I will forever tell the story, she had the first line in the scene and she blew everybody away,” Mekai laughed as he reflected on the first time he watched his on-screen mother shoot her scene.”

“I’m sure everybody else in the room knew the power she was coming with, but, just being right there in that moment with her, I was excited and energised,” he confessed.

Mekai added: “It made me want to come with the same sort of intensity that she was and from there we got to just started.

“Everyone else in the room loved what we was doing, the rest was history.”

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In this series, Mekai Curtis will portray the younger version of the very complex Kanan Stark whom fans saw in the original series of Power.

In the prequel, the murderous kingpin was played by Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson who became close allies with James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) and Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

As viewers will be transported back into his past as a teenager, they will learn how he became such a troubled man.

The series will also introduce his mother, Raquel Thomas (Patina Miller), and what role she had in his journey to becoming the villain fans knew him as.

Much like the rest of the film industry, the Covid-19 pandemic affected production for Raising Kanan.

After an eight-month break, Mekai revealed that the strict precautions made it difficult to have a connection with his co-stars: “”hen we first came back, they were trying to tell us in between scenes, even if you were in the scene together, you can’t be near each other; it was scary, it was a big thing. “

He added: “Well, how do you expect us to build this rapport and relationship if you won’t allow us to be around each other.

However, he commended production for their efforts to keep them safe: “But again, the team were being so safe and getting tested three, four times a week and, all these questionnaires we had to fill in before we got to set, they made sure we were good.”

The actor disclosed the cast was able to build a rapport thanks to Patina as she was the one that got them together outside of work: “We would go to her house or just meet up at random places, spend that much more time around the family just catch up.”

He added: “Patina and just her leadership and, you know, making sure everybody was safe – there’s this big family dynamic that we have going on.”

Mekai continued: “It’d been eight months since we’ve seen each other, we’ve only seen each other on Zoom.

“So, this pot of people that, I was working with every day for six to seven months really became my second family, I really got to build relationships with these people, not just as co-stars, this is genuinely my second family,” he added.

Speaking on the Raising Kanan, Mekai admitted: “Patina Miller, does an incredible job playing Raquel Thomas on this.”

Speaking to Express.co.uk, the young actor couldn’t hold his excitement for fans to see the show: “I’m excited for just people in general, fans, not fans. I’m excited, for people to see a family story.”

He added: “I’m excited to hopefully relate to anything that’s happening in this story because, while it is a family story, really it’s about feeling, emotion, love.”

Giving fans an insight on what to expect, Mekai revealed: “I feel like one of the biggest themes is a butterfly effect; it’s you reap what you sow.”

Power Book III: Raising Kanan is now available to stream on StarzPlay.

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