Piers Morgan slams Anthea Turner for her lockdown break after 'outrageous, scornful attack' at overweight people

PIERSMorgan slammed Anthea Turner for her "outrageous lockdown break" after ranting at overweight people.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, slammed the presenter following The Sun's story that she breached Covid rules by hosting at least three friends at her apartment.

This also comes after Anthea shared a cartoon online that appeared to blame the obese for the health crisis.

Speaking about lockdown, Piers said: "What we could see less of is Anthea Turner, who decided for reasons that completely baffle me.

"She suddenly pops up last week attacking overweight people and actually attacked a caricature of someone in a mobility scooter, attacking them.

"Saying you've got to look after your body and if you don't it's you who is causing the problem with the NHS because you're fat.

"Then it turned out that literally the same day or the day after she was caught with five of her mates coming round for a spa day at her house with beauty treatments.

"People there treating her, masseurs, beauticians and so-on, giving them eyebrow tints, manicures and massages, which I'm sure every woman would love to have.

"But how does that sit, Anthea turner, with your outrageous scornful attack on overweight people for not doing their bit to protect the nation. You know what, it wasn't work and it didn't protect the NHS, did it?

"It had the opposite effect. We need people in her position – if you're going to do that, practice what you preach."

Lockdown laws ban households from mixing, while mobile hairdressing and beauty treatments are also outlawed.

However, Anthea enjoyed professional hair trims, colouring, eyebrow tints, massages, manicures and pedicures at a boozy event she had called a Secret Supper.

A whistle-blower told us: “I can’t believe Anthea’s done something as irresponsible as this.

“A steady stream of women arrived showing total disregard for precautions being taken by the vast majority of people in the country.”

The gathering at her £700,000 two-bedroom flat in Kew, South West London, took place on Friday February 12.

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