Piers Morgan leaves Susanna Reid red-faced with ‘awkward’ naked hotel confession

Piers Morgan left Susanna Reid speechless as she tried to erase the image of him naked in the corridor of a hotel from her mind.

The Good Morning Britain star, 55, was reminded of the "awkward" moment he'd been left stranded and naked outside of his room following a blunder on the breakfast favourite this morning.

Nick Dixon, a reporter for the ITV show, managed to get his shirt sleeve caught on the door handle of his hotel room which prompted Piers to take a walk down memory lane.

He certainly created a light distraction from Nick's earlier blunder as he confessed to being left in the buff after he'd tried to swoop up some room service, from outside his door.

Recalling the hilarious moment, the TV host said: "I remember once thinking room service would come to my door, many years ago.

"I opened the door poked my head out, couldn't see anything and thought they may have left it on the floor.

"Popped out, door shuts behind me, wouldn't have mattered had I not been completely stark naked, and then had to wander around the corridor of this hotel trying to find somebody.

"It was very awkward."

A little shellshocked at the revelation, his quick-witted co-star quipped: "And there's an image the other hotel residents can never unsee."

Earlier in the episode Piers ripped into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the couple had paid their respects and laid a wreath for Remembrance Sunday.

The journalist turned TV presenter alleged that Prince Harry had asked for Buckingham Palace to lay a wreath in the Cenotaph in his name but his request was denied.

Harry, who now lives with wife Meghan in America, decided to pay his own tribute to those who had served the UK.

Instead he took to Los Angeles National Cemetery to lay his own wreath with a message that read: "To all of those who have served, and are serving. Thank you."

Unimpressed Piers, slammed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex calling their offering a "distasteful PR stunt".

"Why do it with a photographer?" fumed Piers.

To which Susanna lunged to defend Harry and Meghan, adding: "Because if you don't do it with a photographer, no one will know you've done it!"

Through clenched teeth, Piers replied: "Oh please, do me a favour, he could have issued a statement.

"They launched a PR stunt with a preferred photographer to take the attention away from the royals back in London… Because they felt thwarted."

Good Morning Britain returns tomorrow on ITV at 6am.

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