Piers Morgan blasts 'disgusting' TikTok idiot who called Chris Whitty a 'liar' in the street

PIERS Morgan blasted a "disgusting" TikTok user who taunted Sir Chris Whitty in the street over the handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The Good Morning Britain host was left seething after the footage of the internet yob went viral.

It showed a schoolboy confronting Professor Whitty in the street and calling him a "liar".

The medical chief put a mask on and stood stoically as the youth filmed him on his phone.

Piers fumed: "Sir Whitty is one of the eminent scientists in the world, not just this country. He's our chief medical officer. He's probably doing 18-20 hour days, seven days a week, to try and save our lives, and the very least he deserves is our respect, and yet he got that in the street from someone clearly whipped up to believe that Covid doesn't exist. It's all lies. Whipped up on social media by these Covid deniers, high profile people trying to constantly downplay this virus.

"That video should disgust all of us. Where is our decency? That honestly is a disgusting piece of footage. Whoever you are, what do you gain by that?Insulting and abusing our top medical officer. A pathetic indictment of where this country is going.

"It's the brainwashing from conspiracy theorists, this is the damage they do. it's incredibly dangerous."

The TikTok idiot – who was not wearing a mask himself – harangued Prof Whitty at Westminster's Strutton Ground market.

At one point the lout shamelessly faces the camera before spewing out another tirade of disgusting taunts.

The mouthy moron accuses the professor of "lying about the Covid-19 cases, man, stop lying to the TV, man".

MPs and others have rounded on the youth as they defended Prof Whitty who has become a household name during the pandemic.

The top doc has flanked Boris Johnson and Cabinet ministers at the 5pm briefings to explain the dangers of Covid.

Prof Whitty, a world-renowed epidemiologist, has advised the nation based on scientific advice and been praised for his straight talking.

He's a member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), which advises ministers on the coronavirus pandemic strategy.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: "I think the individual concerned is pathetic, I think it is ridiculous what he is doing.

"Chris Whitty is one of our greatest living scientists and his advice to the Government all the way through this, and his advice to all of us in the population, has been incredibly smart and thoughtful, and he is a great asset to this nation.

"The idea that someone would do something as silly as that is ridiculous."

He added: "Christ Whitty is a scientist of great repute and, frankly, he should be respected by everybody."  

Matt Vickers, Conservative MP for Stockton South, tweeted: "This is appalling, I really can't believe this footage.

"Chris Whitty is doing all he can to help guide us through this crisis and should never be subjected to this."

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