Phoebe Dynevor Calls ‘Bridgerton’ Masturbation Scene ‘the Hardest Scene’ to Film

The British actress recalls the hardest scene to film on the Netflix period drama series, saying it was a solo sex scene where she’s ‘told to have an orgasm.’

AceShowbiz -“Bridgerton” star Phoebe Dynevor was “told to have an orgasm” during a solo sex scene on the show.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, the actress, who plays lead character Daphne in the hugely popular Netflix period drama, opened up on the difficulties of filming a masturbation scene for the raunchy show, explaining “it was the hardest scene” to shoot, as she felt “very vulnerable” after filming other racy scenes with her co-star Rege-Jean Page.

“You always feel safe. I’d rehearse with Rege so much that we both knew what we were doing. It felt very practical. But on my own, it’s a different thing,” she explained to Glamour. “The stage directions are very specific: You have to have an orgasm. It’s a difficult thing to rehearse, which means you don’t. You just do it.”

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However, Phoebe was thankful the production had hired an intimacy coordinator as it meant that she didn’t have to have awkward conversations about the sexual scenes with the show’s male director.

The show explores the complicated relationship between Phoebe’s character and the eligible Duke of Hastings in intimate sexual detail.

“I felt so safe in the knowledge that Lizzy was there, so that if something went wrong or the director wanted something different he could speak to her first,” she said. “I think it would have been a very difficult experience if Lizzy hadn’t been on set protecting me and looking after me. No one wants to be told how to orgasm by a man.”

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