Peter Andre's heartache as he's banned from hugging son Junior for two weeks after coronavirus outbreak at school

PETER Andre has shared his anguish at not being able to hug son Junior for two weeks as the teen self-isolates following a coronavirus outbreak at his school.

The dad-of-four can't wait to cuddle his eldest and isn't bothered if the 15-year-old finds it cringey.

Writing in his New magazine column, Peter, 47, said: "At the time of writing this Junior is about to finish self-isolating after a couple of pupils in his year at school tested positive for coronavirus.

"He hasn't been able to sit next to us at dinner and I haven't hugged him in so long, which is so hard. I don't know if he's loved that or hated it, but I can't wait to give him a big squeeze!

"He's going to say I'm cringe but who cares? He's my boy."

Junior was initially annoyed at having to self-isolate, especially when he realised he couldn't spend the time relaxing.

The budding actor has had to do all of his school work via Zoom, and he's impressed his dad with his work ethic.

It's been a bumpy ride for the family as of late.

Pete recently grew emotional when his son Theo, three, asked for a coronavirus test after coughing.

Due to his wife Emily being a doctor, their children are all aware of the current risks of contracting the deadly bug and have become very cautious.

Reflecting on the current pandemic, Peter said it made him sad that a toddler had developed an understanding of the virus.

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