‘Paint drying’ Dan Walker co-star dishes jibe over House of Games performance

BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker talks about leaving Strictly

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Appearing on Richard Osman’s House of Games for champions week, in which previous winners battled it out for the ultimate title on the BBC show, Dan Walker took some time trying to work out the answer to a question. Composer Vikki Stone teased the former Strictly star by telling viewers there was “paint drying” on the other channel as he tried to work out the answer. 

In the tricky House of Games segment, the contestants had to re-arrange answers to questions so they were in alphabetical order.

As The Clash’s Should I Stay Or Should I Go played for the four celebrities, they each struggled to word the answer correctly.

DJ Rickie Haywood-Williams was the first to buzz in, as host Richard commented: “Rickie, we all wish you the very best of luck.”

He answered: “I…” before the buzzer sounded an incorrect answer.

Vikki attempted to answer next, stating: “Go… I… or-“

“Incorrect,” Richard cut in. Actress Sally Phillips tried after, answering: “Go, I, I or, stay?”

Strictly Come Dancing star Dan then took his time trying to answer.

He began to count on his fingers, muttering: “Should I stay or should I go.”

“We’ve already had the first three,” Richard reminded him.

The journalist replied: “I know, so go’s gone…”

“Just reminding people at home, this is the champion’s round,” Sally joked, dishing out the first cheeky swipe at Dan’s time taking.

“I know it looks like a whole load of monkeys trying to work out how to use a video camera.”

Dan continued: “Okay, Should, I , Stay…”

“Over on BBC One, there’s paint drying!” Vikki chimed as the BBC Breakfast star continued to count each word out.

Dan carried on with host Richard refusing to time him out, stating: “Go, I, I, , Or, Should, Should, Stay.”

“It’s the right answer,” Richard confirmed.

“I was so quick as well, Richard!” Dan joked.

“I know, and no hints from anyone else either,” the presenter added.

At the end of the episode, Vikki was in the lead with four points, followed by Dan and Sally with three and Rickie with one.

Richard Osman’s House Of Games continues tomorrow at 6pm on BBC Two.

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