Outlander season 6: John Bell details Young Ian and Malva kiss cut from series

Outlander: Starz teases new episode "Give Me Liberty"

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Outlander season six.

Fans were surprised in the fifth series when Young Ian (played by John Bell) returned to Fraser’s Ridge not long after he joined the Mohawk. Ian kept his reason for returning under wraps but in the latest episode of the Starz series, it was revealed he had a wife who suffered two miscarriages. Ian was then cast out from the tribe and told to return to his own people. While he has been heartbroken, he seems to have chemistry with newcomer Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds). Reflecting on their romance, actor John revealed a kiss between the two was cut from the show.

Most of the Fraser family have been suspicious of the Christies but Ian has shared a handful of touching moments with Malva.

Reflecting on a particular intense moment with his co-star, actor John explained the pair even shared a kiss.

“I don’t think he trusts the Christies, but he does like Malva,” John explained.

“Who can blame him? She’s so charismatic and enchanting. That’s something I immediately felt from Jess too.

“That scene in the reeds, me and Jess call that the day we became besties, because immediately we found this chemistry with each other that we were able to use with our characters.

“Actually a funny story, in one of the takes we were joking about, and we’re like, ‘What if we just, like, kissed?’

“It was totally not in the script. It was so perfect, the sun was coming down, the art department were in the back throwing bits of cotton or something, some flowers were floating through the air.”

John added to Entertainment Weekly: “And we were like, ‘This so romantic.’

“So we just kissed. They never kept it in. Sadly. Maybe that gave the game away too much. But we were having fun.”

It’s not known if a relationship between Young Ian and Malva will be pursued or if Outlander will stick to the story in Diana Gabaldon’s novels.

In the books, Ian feels strong affection for Malva but it is later revealed she has been raped by her brother Allan (Alexander Vlahos).

When Malva falls pregnant, she claims the unborn baby is Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) leaving Claire (Caitriona Balfe) furious.

Malva is later found dead and Claire tries to save the baby but it dies as it is too young.

Claire is blamed for Malva’s death but Allan later confesses it was he who killed his sister.

While Claire urges Allan to come clean, he doesn’t get the chance as Young Ian shoots him with an arrow.

However, the Starz series may deviate from the source material and the promo for episode five has hinted someone on Fraser’s Ridge will try a love charm.

In the teaser, Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton) comes across a pattern of stones with Marsali explaining it “looks like a love charm”.

Malva is pictured behind the pair listening intently – could it be she plans to put her own charm in place?

If so, will she attempt to seduce Jamie Fraser or look to strengthen her connection with Young Ian.

Outlander season six continues Sunday on Starz in the US and Starzplay in the UK.

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