Outlander season 6: Claire Fraser star teases ‘troublesome’ co-star ‘A disaster’

STARZPLAY teases Outlander season six

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The Outlander cast reunited at New York Comic Con to share a first look of season six of the Starz series and open up on filming the coming episodes. While the cast remained relatively tight-lipped on the storylines included, Caitriona Balfe and John Bell spoke about their “disaster” co-star.

“Have you ever had a disaster with an on-set animal?” the cast were asked.

Sam Heughan replied: “The dog. What about the dog? It seems to be a…”

“I feel like Rollo just is a disaster,” Caitriona jumped in.

But Young Ian star John Bell defended his on-screen companion: “But he’s our disaster.

“I think it can be quite difficult when you’re trying to ride a horse and also try to control a dog at the same time.

“You are on the horse like ‘go, go, go,’ but you want Rollo to stay when he’s going.

“So you go, ‘No, stay Rollo,’ but then the horse stops. It’s a lot.”

Meanwhile, Sam spoke about their new co-stars who play the Christie family teasing: “You’re gonna love them, and you’re gonna hate them.”

He later added of another family: “The Browns are very dangerous…they’re not very nice people.”

Claire will be struggling to come to terms with the events of the season five finale.

Caitriona detailed: “Claire has always been so good at compartmentalising everything, she typically puts a lid on things and moves on.

“This is the first time she can’t suppress something and this is the first time she really has to deal with what happens.

“We see her a little bit destabilised. That bleeds into every aspect of her life.

“As much as she wants to continue on as if nothing had happened…it has an effect on every aspect of her life and definitely her life as a healer/doctor.”

Fans may worry with the Revolutionary War approaching, Jamie will be preoccupied but Sam assured this wouldn’t be the case and is “keeping an eye on her”.

He added: “The war is coming — it always seems to be coming, but it is coming — and Jamie’s really having to tread fine line between his loyalties.

“He knows he’s on the wrong side, the British, and at some point he is gong to have to switch sides.

“It’s even harder this season for him because he’s being pulled in both directions.”

Jamie has been on the losing side before as he fought against the British at Culloden, will he change sides and fight alongside the Americans this time?

Season 6 of Outlander arrives on Starz in early 2022

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