Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen’s children bid farewell to beloved pony

Our Yorkshire Farm: Children discuss their return to school

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Our Yorkshire Farm gives Channel 5 viewers an insight into the adventures of Amanda Owen and her nine children’s lives on Ravenseat Farm. Amanda and her husband Clive live and work on the 2,000-acre farm and their brood regularly tends to their many animals. However, after being homeschooled for weeks due to coronavirus measures, some of the children found it difficult to say goodbye to Tony the pony who they’d grown particularly close with.  

In a classic episode of the Channel 5 series, the children made the most of the winter sunshine and even gave Tony the pony a pedicure. 

As Clemmie picked Tony’s hooves, Amanda said: “Tony nearly fell over, good girl you’ve got it. It’s a good lesson to learn. 

“It takes a lot to care for a horse, doesn’t it?” 

Later on in the episode, four of her children and a sheepdog headed out on a walk across the farm while Clemmy rode her beloved Tony. 

After weeks at home, the children’s thoughts turned to life after a lockdown on the farm as many had to return to school following months of homeschooling. 

It takes the youngsters an hour and a half to get to school as Ravenseat Farm is so remote. 

During the episode, the children said they will miss Tony the pony greatly when they return to school.

One of the children explained: “Tony knows we go to school because every time it’s a school morning he comes to the door to say goodbye.”

The children are very fond of the shetland pony and he’s also developed his own fanbase since making his debut on the popular Channel 5 show. 

Later in the series, Amanda surprised her children with a new addition to their family to bond with Tony. 

The farm had recently suffered the loss of their pony Little Joe, and everyone on the farm was deeply affected by his death. 

However, in order to give Tony another horse to bond with Amanda decided to surprise them with a pedigree Clydesdale horse.

As they all awaited the arrival of Tony’s stablemate, Amanda said: “I think they have sussed what the surprise is today, haven’t you!”

Clemmy excitedly shouted: “I know!” before Annie and Sidney joined her and shouted: “A horse!”

As the animal was unloaded from a horsebox, Clemmy joked: “I don’t think Annie can get on it, it looks quite high!”

Picking up Clemmy so she could get a better look at the new member of the family, Amanda said: “We’ve thought of a name, haven’t we, Hazel!”

“What do you think?” she asked, to which Annie replied: “It’s very big!”

Unlike Tony, the pony, who fit into the back of the family’s Land Rover four-year-old Hazel is a hefty and tall horse. 

Amanda asked: “What do you think, Clemmy? Is this a bit different to the last pony we bought?”

Clemmy looked at the new horse with excitement and claimed: “I thought it would be a bit smaller!”

Amanda also had another surprise in store for the children when she told them: “Well, it also is in foal!”

Our Yorkshire Farm episodes can be streamed on My5. 

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