‘Not what I want to hear’ Eamonn Holmes hits back at GB News viewer complaint

Eamonn Holmes discusses viewer complaints of eating on air

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GB News presenters Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster enjoyed a generous portion of midget gems on Thursday, following Marks & Spencer’s decision to change their name to mini gems. Unfortunately, their early-morning snacking received some backlash on Twitter, with one viewer even announcing they had switched over to Sky News.

Eamonn read out angry messages from viewers after his Breakfast show with co-host Isabel was put on hold for an indulgent snack.

“No need to be eating on the television,” the broadcaster relayed.

“Lip-smacking is not what I want to hear in the morning. I’m now watching Sky News, says Samantha Vash.”

The presenter waved at the camera and gave a cheerful “Bye!”

Although GB News viewer Samantha switched off, Eamonn and Isabel’s show has reportedly grown more popular over the last two weeks despite complaints.

“Because most people are now watching us this morning,” Eamonn claimed.

Isabel laughed as Eamonn retrieved more sweets from under the desk to continue snacking.

He continued: “People are saying ‘watching the midget gems story is cracking me [up]’.”

“‘We really don’t need to hear Eamonn Holmes’ – why not her? She was eating them as well,” he interjected, gesturing to Isabel.

“‘Chewing sweets this early in the morning’.”

Another Twitter user also felt their early-morning munching was disrespectful after cutting to the studio following a serious report on the Northern Ireland protocol.

DBentoBox said: “@GBNEWS disrespectful to break away from the report on Northern Ireland to a distracted @EamonnHolmes reading mobile about complaints about eating #MidgetGems. Give the NI folk some respect!!”

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Their morning coverage also sparked plenty of debate online as viewers argued whether the sweets should change their name over fears of causing offence to people with dwarfism.

Eamonn questioned M&S’s decision as he considered: “There’s that MG Midget car. That’ll have to be renamed. Small car?”

Jonathan Evans wasn’t so convinced, and tweeted: “Flicking through TV channels this morning and seeing @EamonnHolmes and @IsabelWebster_ eating midget gems on @GBNEWS really was a refreshing change and highlighting how PC has gone mad.”

And @1ChrisMumford said: “@GBNEWS I think @marksandspencer represent all that is wrong with #woke #Britain. Rebranding ‘Midget’ Gems as ‘Mini’ Gems? Pathetic!!”

Although Sam Silva argued: “We have called small gums sweets “MINI GEMS” for over 60 years in Sri Lanka.

“Only uneducated people in UK & Ireland have been calling them “Midget Gems”.”

So far, only M&S have made the decision to rebrand the classic sweets, though other brands could soon be encouraged to do the same.

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel airs on GB News from 6am.

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