‘Not right!’ Meghan and Harry Netflix cameras blasted for being at Jubilee by Ferrari

This Morning: Nick Ferrari criticises airlines for travel chaos

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Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond spoke with LBC radio host Nick Ferrari and royal correspondent Camilla Tominey during Tuesday’s This Morning as they discussed the latest news headlines. The first topic they spoke about was the travel chaos and flights being cancelled at airports during half term. However, the debate took a turn when Nick launched into a rant about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Dermot began the discussion by asking Camilla about the reports claiming Harry and Meghan’s film cameras for their Netflix documentary will be moved on during the Queen’s Jubilee if it’s made public.

“So basically, I think the point of the story is, is that Netflix isn’t accredited for any of the official Jubilee events,” the royal expert explained.

“So any sense of that we’re going to bring this film crew over and it’s still a debate point as to why Netflix are now still with them because they did the Invictus documentary.”

She continued: “So I think there are fears behind palace walls that they don’t want it to become a media circus and to be fair, that’s not Meghan or Harry’s fault.

“It becomes a media circus simply because they’re there.”

Weighing in on the subject, Nick fumed: “There’s obviously an interest in them and of course there is, and the fact that there has been what is reported to be the estrangement between them all.

“On the subject of the Netflix cameras, Camilla knows better than anybody there is a very well run and accepted process by which you get what is called camera positions and you get access.”

“That is the way it should run,” he raged before adding. “And a crew effectively freelancing, coming over and expecting to get in the way, is not fair and it’s not right.”

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