‘Not allowed to have an opinion?’ Alex Scott teased by BBC co-star over hosting debut

Football Focus: Alex teased by Micah for 'being in the host chair'

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Taking over from Dan Walker, Alex Scott, 36, hosted her first Football Focus show on BBC, where she was joined by Dion Dublin and Micah Richards. The trio were discussing the Arsenal game against Brentford when Alex jokingly scolded Micah for trying to gauge her view, to which he quipped she wasn’t allowed an opinion anymore.

“That’s what they wanted in the Premier League,” commented Micah. “A 2-0 win against Arsenal.”

Dion weighed in with his commentary, commenting on the tactics leading to Brentwood’s victory.

He concluded: “It’s just common sense. Don’t get sucked in. Good management.”

New host Alex asked: “Were they showing bravery or was it that they knew Arsenal wouldn’t be able to play out and payed on that?”

“You know what,” Homes Under the Hammer presenter and former footballer Dion continued, “they worked on it.

“They obviously watched Arsenal many, many times. You know, you do repetition, repetition.

“It becomes easy for you – they know what Arsenal did, they won the game.”

Micah admitted he wasn’t pleased with the team in general during the game.

“In the Premier League – we’re talking about our Arsenal, and it was just disappointing, you know.”

He added that a few names performed well but added: “On the whole, very, very disappointing.”

“I love how you’re looking at me Micah!” Alex cut in, laughing.

She went on: “I’m sitting in this chair – I don’t have to comment on Arsenal anymore.”

Laughing, Micah joked: “You’re not allowed to have an opinion in that chair anymore!”

Turning to Dion, she said: “So I can throw it to you – he kept giving me the eye!

“And I’m like no – I’ve got to throw this to Dion.” Fans were quick to praise Alex’s first time running the show.

Taking to Twitter, “Football is back!#YNWA @AlexScott is totally bossing #FootballFocus.”

Another wrote: “Loving the energy of @AlexScott @MicahRichards and @DionDublinsDube on #footballfocus.”

“Alex Scott is absolutely brilliant. I could listen to her, Dion and Micah all day long: wonderful start to the new series of #footballfocus,” added a third.

A fourth commented: “Alex Scott and Micah Richards on #footballfocus much needed freshening up of the show. Brilliant.”

Football Focus airs Saturdays at 12pm on BBC One.

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