‘No comparison!’ Denise Welch slammed by Loose Women fans over Mo Farah trafficking debate

Denise Welch discusses playing a teacher on Waterloo Road

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Charlene White was joined by Frankie Bridge, Denise Welch and Jane Moore on Loose Women on Thursday. The panel kicked off the show by talking about Mo Farah’s heartbreaking revelation he’d been trafficked to the UK as a child but Loose Women viewers weren’t impressed with Denise’s input.

Charlene introduced: “[Mo] shared the revelation that he was illegally trafficked to the UK as a child under a false name.

“One particular emotional part of the show was when he met his former PE teacher Alan Watkinson who spoke about the moment Mo confined in him.”

The show aired a clip of Mo sharing how he was saved from a life of working as a domestic servant when he confided in his teacher. 

Jane praised the Olympian for sharing his story and opening up about his difficult childhood. 

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Charlene echoed Jane’s sentiment as the panel discussed the impact teachers can have on a student’s life. 

Denise then opened up about a documentary she made which gave her a newfound respect for teachers.

She said: “A few years ago, probably about 13 years ago because I was playing a teacher in Waterloo Road, my character was head of pastoral care for about one episode then sacked because I was playing a teacher they did this documentary with the BBC called Playing the Part where I had to be a teacher at my old school. 

“Although I’ve always had a great deal of respect for teachers god it was tenfold by the time I’d left.”

“They have no downtime, they are so many rules and protocols, you can’t put your arm around this child and you can’t do this and you can’t do that,” she noted. 

“I was thrust into this world of teaching and in one scene I come running out the classroom saying, ‘I’m an actress, not a teacher.’”

“Did that actually go on TV?” Charlene teased and Denise confirmed it had.

“But the point being is the teachers would like to spend more time in a pastoral position,” she continued.

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“But because of all the bureaucracy and the red tape, it’s very hard for them to find that time.”

However, some Loose Women viewers hit out at the actress.

@cookiejoe9 remarked: “Aww poor @RealDeniseWelch NOT. Sorry no comparison with Sir Mo Farrah #LooseWomen.”

@Miss_Carmx added: “Thought they were talking about Mo’s story not Denise’s #LooseWomen.”

@sh4unh__ tweeted: “A story on Mo Farah ..suddenly we found out more about Denise #loosewomen.”

“Any and every story gets turned into about Denise life #LooseWomen,” @CraigJones878 wrote.

@lindibea shared: “It’s the DW show – again #LooseWomen.”

“It’s the Denise show today #LooseWomen,” @allen_rob said.

Loose Women airs on ITV on weekdays at 12.30pm.

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