Nine huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Stuart's wedding disaster and Linda's horrific relapse

LINDA Carter suffers a horrific relapse and disaster strikes for Stuart and Rainie on their wedding day next week in EastEnders.

Here's the lowdown on what's happening in the Square next week…

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1. Gray catches Mitch and Karen 

Grieving Karen searches for old family photos for Chantelle’s funeral. 

And when Mitch offers to help her, it’s not long before the pair start reminiscing about Chantelle and end up in tears. 

But disaster strikes as a furious Gray walks in just as Mitch and Karen lean in to kiss each other.

2. Gray manipulates Mitch 

Gray and Mitch later discuss what happened and Gray manipulates the situation to his advantage, telling Mitch that he turned Chantelle against him. 

When Gray calls Mitch a terrible father, he starts to believe Gray and breaks down in tears over Chantelle’s tragic death.

Does Gray have Mitch under his thumb, or will Chantelle’s dad start to see the cracks in Gray’s story?

3. Mick grows suspicious

Frankie keeps Ollie entertained at the Prince Albert while they wait for Mick to return and take him back to school. 

But when Mick arrives he’s shocked to find Frankie taking photos of his son and, after inspecting further, he’s unsettled to find loads of pictures of Ollie and the family on her camera.

When Frankie decides to host a Drag Bingo to impress Kathy and get a full-time job at the pub, Tina asks Mick if he’ll help out behind the bar. 

But as Frankie questions Mick about his family, Mick grows increasingly suspicious of Frankie’s motives.

Why is she so obsessed with the Carters family?

4. Max threatens Ian 

Ian hosts his business meeting at home, hoping that he’ll impress Sharmaine from the council with his hospitality skills and land the catering contract.

But Sharmaine quickly grows unsettled by Ian’s enthusiasm. 

Things worsen for Ian when Max storms in and accuses him of stealing his business and life savings. 

Max later steps his threats up a notch and demands his money back with interest – or he’ll destroy Ian.

5. Max plays games

Max tells Bobby he wants to offer support for the foundation he’s setting up, and that he’s contacted the Gazette to spread the word. 

Later, Ian catches wind of Max’s antics and warns him to stop playing games with their family.

Max insists he isn’t but warns Ian that he might start playing dirty soon if he doesn’t get his money.

Later, Ian tells Max he will get his money in a couple of weeks at the latest. 

He then takes matters into his own hands and makes a very risky move.

What is he up to?

6. Linda suffers a relapse 

After deciding to host the Drag Bingo, Frankie ropes in Linda, Sharon and Max to help out.

Mick is also drafted into helping behind the bar by Tina, but grows worried about Linda being around so much booze.

Linda is irritated when Mick fusses over her and makes her a mocktail and later, in a moment of weakness, she takes a sip of an alcoholic drink. 

7. Linda turns to Max

Linda is horrified when Max catches her relapsing.

As the pair chat, Linda opens up to him about her struggles. 

EastEnders have teased that the pair share a moment.

But will anything happen?

8. Disaster strikes on Rainie and Stuart’s big day

The day of Rainie and Stuart's wedding arrives, and Stuart is filled with excitement ahead of the ceremony.

But as he waits in the hearse an electrical fault locks him in.

Unable to escape, might the technical error be about to ruin everything?

Judging by the spoiler pic above, Rainie doesn't cope too well with the complication.

9. Phil attacks Isaac

Having got wind of Amy’s drug use accusations, Phil rages at Isaac about his responsibilities as a teacher. 

It’s not long before Denise jumps in to defend Isaac, pointing out Phil’s dodgy history.

Later, Jack threatens Isaac in front of Amy, who is left shocked at her dad’s behaviour. 

Might she take back her accusation to save Isaac?

10. Tina makes a move

Tina makes clear she’s happy with Frankie’s efforts and gives her the job. 

Later, Tina and Frankie go to The Vic for a drink, and there’s a moment between the pair. 

Tina goes in for a kiss. 

But could she be in for a shock?

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