New Girl: Damon Wayans Jr. and Max Greenfield’s new sitcoms have a crazy connection

New Girl may have ended in May, but Damon Wayans Jr. and Max Greenfield have kept their relationship with the show alive via a crazy connection on their new CBS sitcoms.

Wayans and Greenfield, who played Coach and Schmidt on the long-running Fox comedy, recently stopped by EW’s studio to promote The Neighborhood and Happy Together, and, more importantly, test their friendship. It turns out, the duo is very compatible, considering they both love the original Damon Wayans.

“I want to watch This Is Us with Damon Sr.,” reveals Greenfield. “That’s all I want to do and he won’t make it happen.”

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But an even bigger surprise than Greenfield’s obsession with Wayans’ dad is the revelation that the names of their new characters combine to make a familiar New Girl name. Wayans plays Jake Davis on Happy Together, while Greenfield plays Dave Johnson on The Neighborhood, meaning if you take away Davis and Dave, you have Jake Johnson, who starred alongside them as Nick on New Girl.

“Always with us,” declares Wayans. “How does he do this? Frickin’ little warlock.”

Watch the full video above. The Neighborhood and Happy Together air back-to-back Mondays on CBS starting at 8 p.m. ET.

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