‘NCIS’: Season 17, Episode 16 Has a Delightful Group of Guest Stars

NCISSeason 17, Episode 16, titled “Ephemera,” has an interesting plot and an entertainingguest star cast. Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the group ofactors who starred alongside the main cast.

Who plays Arturo Amador in ‘NCIS’ Season 17, Episode 16?

During the opening of NCIS Season 17, Episode 16, wesee retired Navy Master Chief Arturo Amador getting ready for what appears tobe a date (we later find out it’s not a date). He chooses a tie, sprays somebreath freshener, and feeds his dog before heading out the door. Who is thishandsome gentleman?

Arturo Amador is played by actor Joe Renteria. He made hisacting debut in the 1970 television series The Interns, in which heplayed Officer Lopez in an episode titled “An Afternoon in the Fall.” Afterthat, he appeared in an episode of Brackens World, in which he playedRamon Delgado. He made his film debut in the 1973 movie Toke. From 2016to 2017, Renteria had a recurring role in the series Queen of the South,in which he played Reynaldo. His other acting roles include appearances in ER,CSI: Miami, Judging Amy, and Collateral Damage.

Who plays Bertha Jones-Delacroix?

Bertha Jones-Delacroix, the spunky aunt of Arturo’s fiancée,Annie, is played by actress K. Callan. She made her television acting debut in a1962 episode of the television series Route 66. She made her film debutin the 1970 movie Joe. From 1979 to 1980, Callan appeared in the series Joe’sWorld, in which she played the character Katie Wabash. Her other acting rolesinclude appearances in A Touch of Class, American Gigolo, and Grey’sAnatomy.

Who played Spencer Downing?

Annie had a jealous brother named Spencer. He was next inline to lead his father’s company, but Annie is chosen instead. It is laterrevealed Spencer poisoned Annie with small doses of thallium until she died. SpencerDowning is played by actor Gregory Itzin.

Itzin made his television acting debut in a 1979 episode of Backstairsat the Whitehouse. After that, he appeared in an episode of Mork & Mindytitled “Dr. Morkenstein.” Itzin made his film debut in the movie Airplane!In 1989, the actor joined the cast of the television series The Nutt House!His other acting roles include appearances in Murphy Brown, Head ofthe Class, Jake and the Fatman, Matlock, JAG,and Hawaii Five-0.

Who played Deputy Director Marie Stanhope?

Arturo leaves a note and a valuable coin for his co-workerand friend Director Marie Stanhope. This character is played by actress NikeDoukas. She made her acting debut in a 1986 episode of The Twilight Zonetitled “The Storyteller/Nightsong,” in which she played Heather. After that, sheappeared in an episode of Falcon Crest titled “Flash Point.” Doukas madeher film debut in the 1988 movie ’68. Her other acting roles includeappearances in Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, Without a Trace,and Criminal Minds.

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