NCIS’ Michael Weatherly fuels return rumours again with cryptic Tony post: ‘Stop teasing!’

Michael Weatherly rewatches an old NCIS episode

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Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly) hasn’t been seen in NCIS for a number of years now and yet the CBS series’ character remains one of the show’s most popular stalwarts. Whether it be his romance with Ziva (Cote de Pablo), charming and humorous demeanour, or just all-around crime-fighting talent, Tony’s presence has been sorely missed since his season 13 departure.

However, CBS viewers have still managed to get their fix of Weatherly over the past few years thanks to him leading the way in Bull.

Sadly after six seasons, however, Bull is coming to an end and Weatherly will be moving onto pastures news.

And as if Bull finishing wasn’t enough to fuel the rumour mill about a possible Tony return, CBS also announced another NCIS show would enter the franchise based in Sydney. 

Add to the mix a number of cryptic social media posts from Weatherly and expectations are certainly high – and his latest published at the beginning of March did little to dampen hopes.

Over the past few months, Weatherly had paid many a mention to the NCIS universe, whether it be posing in his NCIS cap or reminiscing about fond memories on set.

On March 1, he provided another nod to his former career on NCIS – and it inevitably led to speculation in the comments section.

In a minute-long video, Weatherly rewatched a classic episode of NCIS from his hotel bed.

Switching between selfie mode and the TV, he said to his followers: “So I’m waiting to go to a concert, sitting in a hotel room… that was on.“

Quoting the scene as it played out, Weatherly said: “‘With the right clothes, you’d be unstoppable’… Scott Grimes, fantastic. 

“You know, Joey Peanuts, this is the scene where I chase Gibbs! Oh, boy. Guys!”

The scene in question showed Tony mistake Gibbs (Mark Harmon) for a suspect and sprint to track him down.

“And I’m wearing the tube socks… see there’s the tube socks line,” Weatherly quipped: “Oh, it’s Gibbs! See, got him. Oof!”

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His tweet alongside the video read: “When you’re sitting in a hotel #killingtime and a #ncis rerun pops up on cable…”

Of course, it didn’t take long for the nostalgia to kick in for many followers who saw Weatherly’s NCIS nod as a possible clue he may eye up a comeback.

Twitter user @rgrjkim replied: “Miss you as Tony. Please tell me that you are coming back to NCIS soon? Perhaps the one in Sydney coming soon? 

“I just wanted one scene where we see Tony reunion with Ziva and their daughter. We didn’t get it last time.”

@MariaJoseGlobal argued: “Stop with the teasing Michael,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Sarah Monahan also mused about the new spin-off in the pipeline: “So, are you headed to #NCISSydney? Since you’re watching NCIS…”

“Plot Twist: This is all building up to DiNozzo (Big D, little i, Nozzo) coming back in Australia. I know it’s not Spain, France or Israel but that is the point,” @blaired_lines also queried.

While John Charcho pleaded: “The show is not the same without you. We all miss you on the show. Please comeback. You and Gibbs were really amazing together. God bless you and your family. Enjoy your life.”

However, there’s been no official word of Weatherly returning to the fold as it stands.

NCIS season 19 continues Monday on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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