‘National disgrace!’ Piers loses it with minister over PPE failure ‘You’ve had FOUR years’

A shocking BBC Panorama investigation has revealed that the Government were told years ago in a pandemic preparation exercise called Exercise Cygnus to stockpile certain personal protective equipment (PPE) to cope with an outbreak. According to the report, there were no gowns, visors, swabs or body bags when the coronavirus reached the UK. ITV Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan furiously attacked Minister for Safeguarding Victoria Atkins over the Government’s failure to act on these warnings of a lack of PPE.

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He told her: “Had the Government acted on these warnings then lives would have been saved.

“We would have been better prepared.

“The fact we didn’t, according to Panorama, have a single gown in stockpiling is a national disgrace and a scandal that has cost lives.”

Ms Atkins defended her party by claiming they had plans which have stood up during the crisis.

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She said, for example: “The legislative framework that became the Corona Act.

“We have stood up new testing capacity, we have stood up new PPE capacity.

“We have done this on the basis of the science of this pandemic.

“I think we all accept that these are unprecedented times and that this virus is creating problems on a weekly basis.”

Ms Atkins continued: “We are following the scientific advice.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t know the name of the exercise you were referring to, but I do know about the exercise itself.

“I am clear that we have followed the science on it.”

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