Monty Don announces another break from Gardeners’ World ‘Adam will be taking the reins’

Monty Don reveals he is to have break from Gardeners’ World

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Monty Don is the soothing voice of Friday night’s for many tuning into Gardeners’ World on BBC Two. Unfortunately viewers will have to go on without Monty as this Friday he will be missing from the gardening series. Instead, Adam Frost will be stepping in to lead the episode.

As Monty wrapped up Friday’s episode of Gardeners’ World from his Longmeadow garden he left viewers disappointed.

“That’s it for this week,” Monty told viewers. “I’m away next week but Adam will be taking the reins.

“You can join him in his garden at 8.30pm next Friday so until then, goodbye.”

Adam regularly features on Gardeners’ World sharing his tips for looking after your lawn and your garden borders.

This Friday Adam will give viewers a seasonal update from his garden.

Toby Buckland meanwhile will be offering timely tips on summer and autumn maintained for your border.

While singer Billie Marten shares her passion for growing vegetables.

Gardeners’ World will also be heading to North Yorkshire to meet a couple who have developed a colourful garden on a sloping site.

Viewers will also get a chance to see their own gardens on screen as the team review the latest videos and photos sent in.

Monty’s break from the show comes after he revealed his wife Sarah felt “invisible” when working with clients.

The pair ran a business together where they designed, created and sold costume jewellery from 1981.

The business attracted clients including Princess Diana and Boy George with Harrods and Liberty of London selling the jewels.

Despite being successful, Monty’s wife Sarah, who is a trained jeweller, often felt overshadowed when meeting with clients.

Writing in their book, The Jewel Garden, Sarah compared herself to Monty, who was dubbed a “super salesman”.

She explained: “I would spend months working on a creation, drawing, refining, going backward and forwards to the factory, checking samples, sorting out publicly.

“It was always a collaboration, though the factory owner who made up our jewellery only seems to listen to Montagu (Monty’s name).”

Sarah went on to note she “was invisible” however she put up with the snubs from clients to ensure she delivered the best product.

“Montagu’s coming along and schmoozing him worked but it was humiliating for me,” she confessed.

Gardeners’ World airs Friday on BBC Two at 8.30pm.

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