‘Monster’ Trailer: Evan Peters Transforms Into Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peters terrifyingly transforms into infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” reunites fellow Emmy winners Peters and series creator Ryan Murphy for a haunting look at the life of cannibal and necrophile Dahmer.

The series examines the gruesome and horrific true crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer and the systemic failures that enabled one of America’s most notorious serial killers to continue his murderous spree in plain sight for over a decade. The show premieres September 21 on Netflix.

Set between 1978 and 1991, the series captures Dahmer killing 17 victims and, per an official synopsis, exposes these unconscionable crimes, centered around the underserved victims and their communities impacted by the systemic racism and institutional failures of the police that allowed one of America’s most notorious serial killers to continue his murderous spree in plain sight for over a decade.

The cast includes Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald, Michael Learned, and Niecy Nash, with Penelope Ann Miller, Michael Beach, Colby French, Shaun J. Brown, Dominic Burgess, Vince Hill-Bedford, Mac Brandt, Grant Harvey, Matthew Alan, and Scott Michael Morgan among the guest stars.

“Dahmer is interesting in that he is almost regretful and has guilt and sort of confusion about what went on,” Peters explained in a Netflix promotional video. “He doesn’t really have a charming, mischievous smile. He’s docile, almost aloof, and disassociated from what he did.”

Peters added, “It was a challenge to try to have this person who, seemingly, was so normal but underneath all of it, had this entire world that he was keeping secret from everybody. We had one rule going into this from Ryan [Murphy], that it would never be told from Dahmer’s point of view. It’s called ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ but it’s not just him and his backstory: It’s the repercussions, it’s how society and our system failed to stop him multiple times because of racism, homophobia. It’s just a tragic story.”

“Monster” is created and executive produced by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, with lead star Peters also serving as an executive producer alongside Janet Mock, Alexis Martin Woodall, Eric Kovtun, and Carl Franklin.

“Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” premieres September 21 on Netflix.

Check out the chilling trailer below.

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