Moment Hugo is totally BLANKED by Casa Amor bombshell Amy leaves Love Island viewers in hysterics

LOVE Island fans were left in hysterics last night when Hugo Hammond was totally BLANKED by Casa Amor bombshell Amy.

The 22-year-old PE teacher hasn't had the best luck during his time on the ITV2 dating show, and it doesn't appear to be changing any time soon.

The Islander was the only boy to enter Casa Amor totally single, and should have his pick of the six girls grafting the hunks for a permanent spot in the villa.

Hugo has had his eyes set on stunning Amy, but was delivered a blow when he asked to share a bed with her only for her to say she'd already asked Tyler.

The following day, he was blown away as he spotted her making her way to the garden in an orange dress, gasping as he approached her: "A little orange number!"

But Amy did not acknowledge him, instead continuing to walk down the stairs without so much as a glance in his direction.

Hugo needs to go home at this point, enough is enough.

Viewers couldn't stop cringing at the scene, and took to Twitter to share their reaction.

One fan wrote: "Second hand embarrassed for Hugo when Amy ignored him. That was a VIOLATION!"

Another agreed: "Nah Amy walked passed Hugo like she had no ears, please!"

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A third echoed: "I’m still crying at Amy blatantly ignoring Hugo. He needs to go home at this point enough is enough loooool".


A viewer claimed: "No, the producers are rude for including Hugo getting aired like that."

Hugo is currently in a friendship couple with Chloe, who rejected his romantic advances earlier this week.

She has her pick of the six new boys in the villa while the rest of the girls remain loyal to their partners, and couldn't hide her glee when she found out the iconic twist had come.

Meanwhile, viewers have been left horrified by the unfaithful original boys, with Liam sparking outrage by forgetting about Millie to crack on with Lillie in Casa Amor, and Tyler, Teddy, and Toby all appearing to be swayed away from Kaz, Faye, and Abigail.

So far, Jake has remained loyal to girlfriend Liberty after they made things official shortly before Casa Amor began – but fans have claimed he's trying to split up the other pairings to secure the prize money.

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