MipJunior: Turner Kids Unveils Kids Fan Segments, Engagement in Europe

CANNES — “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world,” somebody once said. As the biggest players in the kids business transform into ever more consumer-centric entities, they need to describe ever better their young consumers.

In an entertaining session at MipJunior, “How Well Do You Know Your Fans?”, Ranja Mohyieldin, director of fan engagement & insights, Turner Kids, Europe, Middle East, Africa, explained how kids spend their leisure time. Rolling off an exhaustive study, based on interviews with 9,000 kids aged 4-11 across nine countries – U.K.., France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and South Africa – Turner has established seven fan segments, based on who the fans are, the type of brands they engage with, and how they do so. That in turn will allow Turner to connect far, far better with its consumer segments.

Notably, Mohyieldin pointed out, these segments do not coincide with demographics.  “Not every fan is the same, even if they have the same demographic profile,” she observed, citing the case of two men with the same demographic profile, both born in 1948, in Britain, who are rich, married for the second time, have children, vacation in the Alps, and love dogs and cars.


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