Midnight, Texas Season 2: What the Devil Is the Matter With Manfred?

Creek sums up this exclusive Midnight, Texas Season 2 trailer best when she asks, “What is going on with you, Manfred?” Because talking a walk after dark in one’s underwear and digging multiple graves is weird behavior — even for the titular Lone Star town.

In the promo, which was shown at the series’ New York Comic Con panel Sunday, the resident psychic medium is acting rather strangely indeed. And he hasn’t stopped letting the dead use his body as an Airbnb — maybe that’s why Xylda is back (woo!) and offering her grandson some sage advice.

“Bad things happen when night falls,” she warns him. (But sexy things happen, too, as you can see from Lem and Olivia’s, er, celebration of their newfound psychic bond.)

Elsewhere, Fiji worries that her love has stamped a giant “KILL ME” sign on Bobo’s forehead, Joe fondles a knife (not a euphemism) and the New Age healer/hotel owner Kai is “way more powerful than we thought,” one resident remarks.

Midnight, Texas returns Friday, Oct. 26, at 9/8c. Press PLAY on the video above to get a sneak peek. 


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