Michelle Heaton reveals boob job after troll said they look like they'd 'exploded' – and it might have saved her life

MICHELLE Heaton has revealed she's had boob surgery after a troll's nasty comments raised alarm bells about her old implants.

The Liberty X singer, 42, underwent a double mastectomy 10 years ago after discovering she had an 85 per cent chance of developing breast cancer.

She went on to have her chest rebuilt and has tried not to dwell on the major change to her body in the years since.

But over Christmas, a comment left by a follower on a picture she shared on social media got her attention.

She told New magazine: “It said something like, ‘Look at her. If I were her I’d be more worried about her breast looking like it’s exploded.’ It’s a difficult one as I always like to say I don’t read nasty comments. But for me, that wasn’t nasty, it was a saviour.”

Fearing that her implant might be leaking or ruptured, she visited her doctor and surgery to replace them was soon scheduled.

Talking about her latest procedure, she told OK!: "When I first had it done, they took out all my cells and reconstructed it using an implant underneath the muscle, with something called strattice, which fills the area and is like a mesh.

"Recently, they found out from an ultrasound that the mesh had grown into my skin. They couldn’t get the mesh out so they had to leave it and just remove the implants, which meant they would be left with a pocket to fill."

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Michelle said her the op lasted around two-and-a-half hours and the recovery has been relatively straightforward.

The married mum-of-two has overcome a lot in the past decade.

In 2015 she also underwent a hysterectomy to prevent developing ovarian cancer.

And she nearly died a few years later as her battle with alcoholism reached a critical point.

Over a hellish three-year period, Michelle downed up to two bottles of wine and a bottle of vodka virtually every day as well as snorting cocaine.

But she credits a stint in The Priory last May with saving her life and she has been sober ever since.

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