Meghan and Harry ‘won’t be welcome into royal fold in next 10 years’

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Ann Widdecombe has addressed the Netflix documentary series, claiming it will be “difficult” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to return to the royal fold. The former Conservative MP claimed it’s unlikely the pair will be welcomed back in the next 10 years after the explosive claims made in their series.

Addressing whether or not the Royal Family will take the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back into the fold, Ann said: “I think probably now it’s not going to be easily soluble.

“Right up until this moment perhaps it was, and I think it would have taken time.

“But now, it’s difficult to see how that rift can be healed.

“I can’t imagine they’ll come back into the royal fold in the next ten years.”

Ann went on to admit Harry can’t repair his relationship with his father, King Charles, on “a personal level” after he spoke so publicly about his family.

“He’s chosen to put it in the public domain,” she stated.

“If he were to be reconciled with his family, that obviously would creep into the public domain because it would become obvious.

“He would be at ceremonies and things like that. I don’t think that you can distinguish between personal and the institution.”

Looking to the future, Ann shared her predictions for Harry and Meghan with

She predicted: “I think they will go on the path that they’ve now set themselves. There’s a book coming out in the early New Year, we know that for a certainty.

“That will be the next step. The question is how long can they keep going on with this?

“The only thing they’ve got is their royal connections. They haven’t got anything else or any other selling points.”

She continued: “If they want to go on maintaining that sort of lifestyle, they’re going to have to make money somehow.

“I reckon that by the end of next year, their capacity to make money on the back of their royal connections will be dwindling very significantly.

“Now, they’ve already made an awful lot and if they’d been prudent with it and put it aside, they can live on it for years to come.

“I do not see that they can go on making money at the pace that they are now.

“The book will probably be the last throw of the dice, unless Meghan produces a book the following year.

“That’s always possible, but you get to the stage where you say what more is there for us to give?”

In the latest episodes of Harry & Meghan, the Prince claimed the Queen watching his brother William shouting at him at the so-called Sandringham Summit.

Meghan also shared the moment she received a text from Beyonce praising her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Harry & Meghan is available to stream on Netflix now.

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