Meghan and Harry face scathing response after ‘crying’ in Netflix trai

Royals: Noel Phillips on Harry and Meghan trailer

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After the Netflix trailer for the Sussex’s docuseries, simply titled Harry & Meghan, was released earlier this week, conversations surrounding the highly-anticipated tell-all show have dominated such programmes. The teaser was dropped on Thursday, and shows images of the couple as they talk about what went on “behind closed doors”. Responding, Ana fumed she is “sick” of seeing the pair “crying”.

The trailer was released in the middle of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s US tour.

Discussing the royal controversy, presenters Joy Behar and Ana criticised Harry and Meghan, with the former stating the clip had intentionally been released to coincide with the Prince and Princess of Wales’ trip.

Ana complained she was “sick of the sight” of the couple “crying”.

She continued: “I just wish that every time I saw Meghan and Harry they weren’t crying and wiping away tears.”

She went on to ask her costars: “So, do you make anything of this release? Do you think it was deliberate?”

Colleague Sunny Hostin replied: “I didn’t realise they had that much power within Netflix, that they could say, ‘We’re gonna drop it now because my brother and his, you know, his wife are coming to the states.'”

Joy asked: “Don’t you think Netflix made the decision rather than them?’

Co-host Alyssa Griffin chimed: “Smart marketing!” while Sunny maintained that the couple probably had no control over the release date of the trailer.

Ana added: “First of all, I think Netflix is great at marketing and I think Harry and Meghan are great at marketing themselves.

“They have done — they’ve now earned tens and tens of millions of dollars out of their story, which they have been telling, it seems to me, for years now, and they’re very good at it.

“So I don’t know if they had the power to tell Netflix, ‘Drop it when my brother is here,’ but I think they probably did have the power to tell Netflix, ‘Don’t drop it when my brother is here.””

Moving on, Alyssa brought up the claims of racism within the Royal Family, which have come into question again lately since Lady Susan Hussey resigned from her role after making “racist” remarks to a Buckingham Palace guest.

The late Queen’s lady-in-waiting was accused of repeatedly asking black British charity boss Ngozi Fulani where she was “really from”.

Ms Fulani said she was “totally stunned” by the comments after answering over and over again she was British.

Godmother to Prince William, Hussey has since apologised for the comments made.

“I do think that Princess, or Duchess at this point, Meghan told you exactly what was happening within the Royal Family,” Alyssa argued.

“She told everybody that there was racism. She told everyone that she was the target of death threats and racism repeatedly, that the family refused to protect her.”

Posting the trailer on Twitter this week, Netflix wrote: “Harry & Meghan. A Netflix Global Event. Coming soon, only on Netflix.”

While the docuseries had not been given an official release date, it’s clear viewers will be able to watch the revealing show soon.

It comes as the public also awaits Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, which is set to be released in January.

The book is set to cover the Duke of Sussex’s life from childhood through to his decision to leave the Royal Family behind.

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