Meghan and Harry branded the ‘Duke and Duchess of Netflix’ on Jeremy Vine show

Jeremy Vine show panellist Cristo Foufas has slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for bringing a Netflix camera crew with them to the Invictus Game despite previously stepping away from the Royal Family for more privacy.

The pair travelled to Windsor Castle to see the Queen on Thursday before heading to the Netherlands for the Invictus Games, which were founded by the Duke and end later this week.

On the Channel 5 show on Monday, talkRADIO presenter Foufas slammed the couple for allowing the streaming giant, who they have signed a multi-million pound deal with, into private meetings at Windsor and following them around the games.

In a sarcastic rant Cristo said: "I do have some great sympathy for the plight of privacy for the Duke and Duchess of Netflix who were obviously spending time with the Queen this weekend.

"It was a very, very intimate meeting between them, the queen, the director, the cameraman, the hair, make-up, their publicist…"

Jeremy then asked: "Do you think the cameras were in there?"

Foufas replied: "If I were the producer of that, it would of 100 percent been, 'Right we want to film you before you go.

"Film the preparation to meet the Queen, and then they'll go and meet the Queen and then they'll come back to do interviews with the Netflix film crews who are, of course, accompanying them on this trip.

"But please give them their privacy, please, for heaven's sake."

Another guest, Netflix producer Jasmine Dotiwala fired back at Foufas', saying: "Do you know why you sound so ridiculous saying that?

"So I am a producer, and I have also worked for Netflix, and I will say this to you, we all say that Harry and Meghan want their privacy, but they want to be in the public eye.

"They just didn't want to be bullied, abused and harassed by the press, they didn't say they are never going to come out again and do things on their own terms.

"They are shining a light on the Invictus Games, heroes and veterans who should have a light shone on them!"

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