Matt Roloff Shocks Fans With Big Jeremy & Audrey News

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff revealed some big news about son Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey after the couple revealed they would not be returning full-time to the TLC show’s 14th season.

The reality star dropped some major hints about a surprise surrounding the couple in an interview with Soap Dirt.

Fans of the couple will be happy to know that Roloff remarked that although the couple dropping out of the series was quite a “twist to the whole thing,” he was glad that TLC decided to go forward with a new season of filming.

Roloff remarked to Soap Dirt, “They’ve got Zach and Tori, and Amy and myself.” Additionally, he mentioned, “Caryn and Chris.”

He noted that Jeremy and Audrey are not on the “filming schedule.” However, “they’ll participate in the family events,” he explained, so there is a good chance fans of the series will still get a chance to see the couple on camera with their family.

The TLC star revealed that when the film crew’s around, Jeremy and his family won’t avoid being on camera. “If the cameras happen to be there, you know, they’re not hiding in the closet,” he said

Although there has yet to be an official date announced for the premiere of Season 14, Roloff revealed that the family was “actively filming” at the moment. Since this is the busiest time of the year on the Roloff Family Farm, it is when the entire clan is together working, so it would make sense that filming would take place when everyone is available.

He told Soap Dirt that he has no idea “when these episodes…are gonna air.” The reality star also added to the news outlet that “I’ve heard rumors that it would be in the spring.”

Roloff recently posted a new family photo on his Instagram account, showing off all the members of his family with their spouses and children.

In the caption of the photo, Roloff teased something else very exciting for himself and his loved ones.

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As award for messing up the last photo.. I’ll give you this one taken the same day. Except it wAs taken on a different part of the farm for a very different purpose. Soon as this project is complete we’ll let everyone see it.

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He told followers that the first photo featured on this page was “taken on a different part of the farm for a very different purpose. Soon as this project is complete we’ll let everyone see it.”

The other photo of the family was more traditional, taking place in the setup the clan has on their property for people to take photos after they have gone pumpkin picking.

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I totally messed up my last post with this photo where I accidentally cropped Zach out. Whoops! Sorry Zach… how come you didn’t bring it to my attention when I saw you and Jackson earlier today? Thankfully all wonderful folks on the ‘gram’ have us covered. And I got the memo loud and clear when I looked back at the comments. Thanks to everyone that pointed that out. I’ll do better going forward—- you can never believed how hard it is to pull these photos together.

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Little People, Big World airs on TLC.

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