Matt Baker ‘mum had a nasty accident’: TV Star reveals horrid time on his farm

Matt Baker addresses his mum’s farming accident

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Our Farm in the Dales star and former The One Show presenter Matt Baker joined ITV’s Lorraine to speak about the More 4 series’ Christmas Special. Matt touched on the reasons he and his family moved down to the farm and opened up on the hard times they endured on the farm whilst trying to make it easier for his mum to navigate around.

As Lorraine introduced Matt to the show, he said: “It’s fascinating how all this started, because for anybody that doesn’t know, my mum had this really nasty accident.

“She was sorting the sheep out, and she ended up basically breaking her leg, and she ended up having to have an operation on the back of her leg.

“We basically have been refurbishing the farm, and it was never meant to be a television show at all and because I left The One Show, and I was back up there.

“We were refurbishing the farm, so having all of these meetings, because I set up a production company straight after leaving,” he revealed.

Matt continued: “All these meetings were about other programmes to make with other presenters and other teams and stuff, and I said, ‘Look, I’m really sorry with everything that’s gone on.

“And this show just basically evolved from that conversation, they said, ‘Would you film it?’ and I was a bit you know, I have never put my family on TV or anything like that before.

“So, all of the things that you see us do we would be doing anyway, whether that be on telly or whatever.

“We basically had done two series of these programmes, and they asked us if we would make a Christmas special, well that was my wife’s dream to make a Christmas special.

“So yeah, we did one with a real Christmas tree, we actually filmed it back in October,”

Lorraine asked: “Did you keep all the decorations up?” to which Matt shamefully admitted: “My mum wouldn’t take them down!

“We’d bring the outside in, so the amount of holly and ivy that is around the house, it was late October, and my mum was like, ‘you know what, I think I’m going to leave everything up’.”

Lorraine went on to ask how Matt’s mum was doing after the incident, to which he explained: “Yeah, she’s alright.

“She is relishing in all the changes we made, it’s quite something you know in a farm and family where you get that opportunity to wipe the slate clean.

“My children, they have been a big part of the changes that we’ve made and have implemented those.

“Also, I think for my mum and dad, they have really enjoyed the fact that we have all done this together and it came out of this scenario none of us saw coming.

“Now they are getting older, I think what’s rung true to viewers is that those family issues of when you start looking after your parents in the same way they have looked after you,” he added.

In a short clip, released exclusively by Radio Times, Matt and his mother, Janice, can be seen rounding up their sheep and distributing Yuletide treats dressed in festive clothing.

According to the official synopsis for the festive special: “There’s no stopping when it comes to jobs that need doing” over the holiday season at Baker farm.”

Back in April, the Countryfile presenter told that ‘he wasn’t sure if he’d be up for series two, but soon decided otherwise.

Our Farm in the Dales airs Monday 13th December at 9pm on More4 and All 4.

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