'Masked Singer' Season 4 Costumes: Here's Your First Look at Squiggly Monster, Jellyfish and More (Photos)

Fox’s whacky singing competition returns Sept. 23

The wait is almost over, “The Masked Singer” fans. The fourth season of Fox’s whacky singing competition premieres Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c and to get you even more hyped for the next round of the “whosungit?” guessing game, the broadcast network has been rolling out first-look photos and teasers featuring the new costumes. So far, 11 have been revealed — but there are sixteen contestants total competing. Click through TheWrap’s gallery to see all the Season 4 costumes that Fox has released artwork for and check back to see new additions as more become available.Also Read: ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4: Here’s Everything We Know – So Far

Costume: Mushroom     Well this look is psychedelic.

Costume: Squiggly Monster    We’re not afraid of this goof.

Costume: Popcorn     This lady is already trying to butter us up.

Costume: Whatchamacallit       Somehow they managed to top Thingamajig.

Costume: Sun       This costumes so bright we need shades.

Costume: Giraffe      Possibly the tallest contestant we’ve ever seen, unless they’re walking on stilts, that is.

Costume: Snow Owls      The first-ever two-celebrity “Masked Singer” costume proves sometimes two heads are better than one.

Costume: Dragon    Straight fire.

Costume: Lips      That perpetual smile might make this mouth a mighty performer.

Costume: Jellyfish     So good it stings. 

Costume: Crocodile     What a snappy dresser.
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