Mary Robinson and Peter Casey's appearances on the Late Late Show drew strong – and sometimes polar opposite – reactions from viewers

Former president Mary Robinson and contentious former candidate Peter Casey were received with varying reactions after separately appearing on last night’s Late Late Show.

Peter Casey defended comments he made during his election campaign, while members of the Travelling community, at whom the comments were directed, were in the audience to debate the businessman.

Mr Casey also used his allotted time to berate Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, and said that he has set his targets on the political position as he looks to run as a Fianna Fáil TD. 

“I think it’s the first time in history that a Taoiseach got involved in actively campaigning against a candidate,” he said.

“Now, it’s not against the constitution but it’s totally in breach of the spirit of the constitution for him to get actively involved and try to work against somebody. It’s disgraceful. He’s a thundering disgrace.

“I will be running for the Dáil. I will be running in Donegal. In my plan, I was like to be a Fianna Fáil TD.”

There was an awkward hostility from the Late Late crowd towards Mr Casey and many viewers took to Twitter to express their views.

However, there were a number of people who came to the former Dragon’s defence, believing that he was mistreated by host Ryan Tubridy.

Mary Robinson received plaudits for her messages as she detailed her appointment as Chair with the ‘Elders’, a group she said was set up by the late Nelson Mandela “to carry on the work he was associated with which was very much about peace and human rights and developments and caring for those who are most marginalised most excluded and dealing with the most difficult problems with an independence.”

Mrs Robinson admitted distaste for Donald Trump who, like Peter Casey she said, demonises minority groups with his populist agenda.

“There is always beneath the surface a tendency to try to demonise the other, be frightened of the other, not respect the other,” Mrs Robinson said of Peter Casey’s attitude towards the Travelling community.

“That can flair up as it seems to have done in this election. It happens with populism. It’s a narrative of putting down people to advance causes.

“I like to speak about President Trump as little as possible because he just wants to be talked about, as long as we know it’s all about him as far as he’s concerned we can try to manage this difficult situation where the policies on refugees and migrants demonising the other again.

“He is of course an absolutely bully and I don’t like bullies.”

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